Enhance your cannabis facility’s ROI with a seed-to-sale software, GrowerIQ shares real results from a customer’s cannabis investment journey

Maximize Returns on Your Cannabis Investment and Software

Busy growing world-quality cannabis, but overwhelmed with the compliance burden? This is exactly what a leading Canadian cannabis production facility faced.

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Their products had gained impressive market momentum. But this led to their team making urgent short-term plans to cope with the rapid expansion. Manual processes hindered them, like paper inundation, standalone digital files, and unique systems. 

Employees were making mistakes and struggling to complete accurate work records. As a result, they just could not accelerate the rest of the operation. They needed an intervention. And GrowerIQ provided the solution to transform their cannabis investment ROI.

Employees were making mistakes, which slowed down the rest of their operation. They needed an intervention—and GrowerIQ provided it by optimizing cannabis investment ROI.

Improve coordination and efficiency with GrowerIQ’s seed-to-sale software

Choosing to invest in cannabis starts with the fundamentals – opting for software that enhances ROI. This seed-to-sale ERP software is a comprehensive tool and necessary cannabis investment for production facilities of all scales. Plus, it integrates vital data for compliance and consumer information.

Once this customer scoped out software options on the market, they determined that GrowerIQ offered the best features and tools. They tried the software offering, noticed a measurable difference and conducted an analysis.

Maximize returns on your cannabis investment and software

GrowerIQ’s seed-to-sale software can improve operations by increasing efficiency and coordination. Download our ROI Informational.

Download here.

Impressive results after using GrowerIQ

To grasp the significant changes, they completed a comparative report. They measured their manual processes versus the new digitized methods. What they found transformed their perspective on facility operations and ROI.

They noted that GrowerIQ’s software helped their company:

  • Improve coordination and team efficiency 
  • Drive down errors
  • Reduce the time required to log daily activities and generate reports 

They tracked a 291% return on investment with GrowerIQ – with a payback period of only four months:

“After introducing GrowerIQ, we saved a staggering 3,000 hours of manual labour across the team – with almost 300% project ROI”, reported the company’s Operations Manager. “And saved $116,720”. This cannabis investment in ERP software gave tangible results that spoke for themselves.”

The customer paid their software investment in four months. More importantly, they saw a metamorphosis in employee morale. The team stayed on track, made fewer mistakes, and enabled them to grow cannabis better than ever.

The customer paid off their investment in four months, and more importantly saw a metamorphosis in employee morale—the team stayed on track made fewer mistakes, enabling them to grow cannabis better than ever.

A company-wide refreshment and rejuvenation

The customer harnessed control over time and resources, making for a winning ROI formula. They noticed five measurable differences (the final numbers are in our downloadable report).

1. Faster and more accurate order status updatesThe company benchmarked that it took two hours to gather relevant paper order documents and compile them.With GrowerIQ, they do the same process, better, in only 20 minutes.
2. Simplified inventory managementInventory tasks took around two hours to complete. The digital process now takes five minutes. Every activity is logged in GrowerIQ, so it’s a snap to create batches, destroy product, split / merge lots, and harvest multiple times. Integrated scales automatically capture weight events, reducing mistakes. 
3. Easier managing the release of the productThe company’s QA team was drowning in paper and managing product releases took eight hours.  The same flow takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. The team now does their QA activities right on the platform (including checkpoints, visual inspections, sample creation, lab result uploads, and QA sign-off activities).
4. Efficient and compliant government reportingSubmitting monthly reports to the government was complex. Not to mention it was close to a full-time job for many members of the company’s team.The company now completes the entire government reporting cycle each month in only 15 minutes. We’re happy to say their digitization efforts paid off.
5. Recording Waste and DestructionCapturing all waste, product loss, and trimming events were tough to capture accurately on paper. Many activities needed signatures from multiple team members.GrowerIQ’s digital approach to e-signatures and waste destruction recording resulted in a time-saving streamlined process.
The customer was able to save money by controlling the amount of time and resources used in a project.

This customer also shared that they experienced: 

Streamlined processes

QAs were no longer chasing colleagues for information to complete the Health Canada report every month.

Invaluable insights and transparency to the growth cycle

The commercial team no longer had to call the Master Grower when trying to forecast inventory availability.

Remote accessibility and connectivity

Their CEO was able to travel with peace of mind having the ability to log into their GrowerIQ system to monitor the facility in their absence.

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Unlock your ROI potential using GrowerIQ’s seed-to-sale software

We are so pleased with our customer’s findings. Are you ready to take your cannabis production to the next level? Contact our team to revolutionize your ROI with a cannabis investment.

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