How to Get a Cannabis License in Ecuador

How to Get a Cannabis License in Ecuador

Ecuador has joined Switzerland, South Africa, and Thailand in legalizing hemp with up to 1% THC, how can you get licensed to grow?

Ecuador is following the cannabis legalization trend of many South American nations, such as Colombia on its northern border. However, cannabis legalization in Ecuador will be limited to industrial hemp and non-psychoactive hemp that is rich in CBD. With an ideal natural environment for cannabis cultivation, this new market could have a lot to offer! Read below to find out how to get a cannabis license in Ecuador. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to help you become a licensed cannabis producer in Ecuador.

Cannabis Legalization in Ecuador

In December 2019, Registro Oficial number 107, which contains “Ley Orgánica Reformatoria al Código Orgánico Integral Penal.” This legislation amended Ecuador’s Organic Criminal Code Act to remove hemp with less than 1% THC from its list of psychoactive controlled substances and allow for its medicinal use. Cannabis production in Ecuador has been decriminalized for hemp and changes to allow for cultivation permits took effect in 2020.

Cannabis Regulation in Ecuador

Hemp cultivation is regulated by Ecuador’s Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock. MMJ Daily reports that The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) will grant seven types of licenses for the production of non-psychoactive cannabis and industrial hemp in Ecuador. The governing regulation for growing cannabis in Ecuador is Ministerial Agreement No. 109 and Ministerial Agreement No. 141.

The Ministry’s website provides general requirement forms which include a license request form, a form to disclose the lawful funding of cultivation, an agricultural production plan, a processing plan, and a list of annexes and specific documents for each license type. Licensure is based on the type of crop (industrial hemp or high CBD hemp), the size of the grow, and the type of activity (cultivation, processing, import and export, etc.). In order to obtain a cannabis license in Ecuador, you must be considered a “Legal persons legally constituted or domiciled in the Republic of Ecuador.” That includes residents and legal entities.

Getting a Cannabis License in Ecuador

In Ecuador, you can request a cannabis license in person or virtually. Once the required forms from the Ministry’s website have been completed, physical and digital copies can be brought to the Ministry’s face-to-face window or scanned and sent in virtually to the email address listed on their website. The licenses are then processed on a digital platform once fees have been paid.

Ecuador Requires Seed-to-Sale Software

Ecuador is requiring the use of seed to sale software for cannabis cultivation. Seed to sale software ensures cannabis plants are tracked and traced from the time seed or clones are received to the point where plants are harvested and sold. This ensures that all plants are accounted for and provides evidence that growers are complying with all legal requirements. GrowerIQ Seed to Sale software is a great option for cannabis growers in any country. It has been developed to meet international standards and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

In addition to software, GrowerIQ offers consulting services to help growers get cannabis licenses and optimize their business operations. This includes SOP templates for cannabis cultivation, quality assurance services such as Fractional QAPs, business planning, facility design, mock inspections, and more! When you work with GrowerIQ, you can be prepared for success and supported with industry-leading knowledge and experience.

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