Cannabis Seed to sale software for cannabis social clubs

Streamline your cannabis club operations

Our all-in-one solution is perfect for cannabis social clubs looking to streamline their operations. With all of the features in one software, cannabis social clubs can ensure their operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

Cannabis Seed to Sale Software Built for Cannabis Clubs


GrowerIQ’s comprehensive member management tools offer a seamless solution for cannabis social clubs to effectively oversee every aspect of their member relationships. With the ability to create and manage member accounts, social clubs can effortlessly track member details, preferences, and purchase history in one centralized platform. GrowerIQ eliminates the need for manual paperwork and time-consuming administrative tasks.


Cannabis social clubs can efficiently process orders and track order status’ in real-time, ensuring member satisfaction. With built-in order tracking functionalities, social clubs have full visibility into the order fulfillment process, enabling them to address any issues promptly and proactively.
Whether it’s tracking distribution, or generating inventory reports, GrowerIQ simplifies the entire process.
From the moment inventory is received, clubs can log each intake, recording essential details such as quantity, strain, and member information. With instant access to up-to-date inventory data, clubs can efficiently manage stock levels and optimize production schedules to meet members demand.


GrowerIQ’s production and compliance features enable cannabis social clubs to monitor club activities in real-time. Cannabis social clubs can easily track every aspect of their production process, from seed to sale, like monitoring plant growth, tracking cultivation activities, and managing harvests with precision and ease. By providing real-time visibility into production activities, GrowerIQ empowers clubs to optimize workflows, improve yield, and ensure consistent product quality.
In addition to production management, GrowerIQ’s compliance features enable clubs to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements at every stage of the production process. Our platform offers built-in compliance checks and alerts, ensuring that clubs adhere to local regulations and industry standards. From tracking inventory levels to managing batch records and reporting, GrowerIQ simplifies compliance management and reduces the risk of regulatory violations.

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Cannatoba, a cannabis business located in Manitoba, Canada, has a captivating origin story that reflects its founder's deep-rooted passion for cannabis and the artistic and counterculture movements that influenced his youth.

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What our top clients have to say

I have worked with several other seed-to-sale companies and their program doesn’t touch this system, nor is the customer service even close to what GrowerIQ offers!

Zach Blaber

Founder, Irie Craft Cannabis

Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada

We know our GrowerIQ team personally. So, I feel totally comfortable reaching out – I can just call or text them. Whether for system support, or swapping music recommendations!

Jason Fehr

Founder & CEO, Cannatoba

Morden, Alberta, Canada

As a seasoned cultivator, I’ve navigated through various seed-to-sale platforms, but none have matched the efficiency and reliability of GrowerIQ

Andrei Cronin

President, Organic Growers Inc.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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