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StartUp Here Profile: Cannabis Producers Increase their GrowerIQ

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Zaki Amer
Zaki is a Customer Success Manager for GrowerIQ. He has experience working with firms across varied industries, from health care to engineering, and brings that unique perspective to the ever-changing cannabis industry. Zaki is the main point of contact and troubleshooter-in-chief for our customers.


Andrew Wilson on how GrowerIQ delivers an edge to Canadian Producers

Greenhouses use all sorts of computer systems, which aren’t always connected. GrowerIQ is an integrated platform that tracks critical information, from inventory, to crop stages, to harvests. It comes together to serve a single industry: cannabis cultivation. The tech can give an edge to Canadian producers.

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StartUp Here Toronto Profile - Andrew Wilson & GrowerIQ

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About GrowerIQ

GrowerIQ is a complete cannabis cultivation management platform, designed in partnership with Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin. Ours is the first platform to integrate your facility systems, including sensors, building controls, QMS, and ERP, into a single simplified interface.

The company built insights from Shlomo's 30+ years of agronomist experience right into the platform. GrowerIQ leverages proprietary machine learning technology to improve facility automation and provide cultivators with insights to improve quality and consistency. GrowerIQ is changing the way cultivators use software - transforming a regulatory requirement into a robust platform to learn, analyze, and improve crop performance.

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