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An end-to-end tracking solution for the cannabis industry

GrowerIQ is a robust, new seed-to-sale platform that helps Canadian cannabis Licensed Producers lower operating costs, while improving strain quality and consistency. With Canadian recreational legalization upon us, LPs must now find ways to reduce cost-per-gram, while cultivating brand loyalty to stand out.

GrowerIQ goes beyond basic ACMPR compliance. From the mind of a Master Grower, our platform emphasizes the business side of cannabis cultivation.

GrowerIQ Facility Map
A picture is worth a thousand words. Understand the status of your current grow with the facility overview visualization.


GrowerIQ's integrated greenhouse management platform leverages these 5 machine learning strategies to help improve your grow.


Who uses GrowerIQ?

Pre-Licensed Applicants

  • Fully ACMPR compliant

    Our greenhouse-in-a-box is compliant with the Canadian Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. You’ll receive an itemized breakdown of how the platform complies.

  • Master Grower approved

    We’ve partnered with an experienced Master Grower to ensure GrowerIQ is not only Health Canada compliant, but also user-friendly, and simple to operate.

  • Dedicated Customer Success team

    Our team of knowledgeable specialists are readily available to help guide you through Health Canada’s ACMPR Reporting Requirements (Section 11).

Licensed Producers

  • Complete environmental control integration

    Bring all your data under one roof. GrowerIQ integrates with your sensors and environmental controls to create a comprehensive platform for data analysis.

  • Real-time inventory forecasting

    GrowerIQ tracks your inventory down to the individual plant. With such precise analytics, GrowerIQ can forecast future yield, comparing it against historical yield data.

  • Optimize yield with machine learning

    Our machine learning functionality consolidates your grow data and provides actionable insights on how to improve quality and quantity. The more you use the platform, the more data our algorithms have to generate insights.

Gain insight into production costs

  • Track & project operating costs

    You’re running a business, not just an exercise in compliance! Assign resource and supply costs to automatically generate a holistic picture of how much it costs to run your facility.

  • Build effortless reports & charts

    Keep your finger on the pulse of production with smart default reports that automatically update as you use the platform.

  • Improve crop yield with machine learning

    We work with you to identify optimal production outcomes based on environmental and grow activities. The more you use the platform, the more data our algorithms have to generate insights.

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Focus on efficiency. Gain insight into the business you're running with built-in production cost reporting and analytics.

Optimize grow process by strain

Make decisions based on data. Take advantage of our environmental sensor integration to highlight optimum grow conditions resulting in the most productive yields.
  • Complete environmental sensor integration

    GrowerIQ is a complete platform. This includes hardware integration to help optimize your grow process. Your facility sensors are fully integrated into our platform.

  • Improve potency and yield

    Our platform consumes data from your grow activities and environmental sensors to generate suggestions around optimal grow conditions.

  • Ensure product quality and consistency

    Take advantage of the insights generated from our platform to ensure your product remains true to the highest standards of quality and consistency that your customers expect.

Stay on top of inventory and orders

  • Manage inventory from seed-to-sale

    Never lose a plant again! Remain 100% ACMPR compliant with every activity logged and timestamped.

  • Customize inventory reports and graphs

    Gain a clear picture of your facility’s production capabilities with simple, clear reporting.

  • Predict and prevent inventory shortages

    Help your business gain clarity, and predict cash flow. Informed by our resident Master Grower, we take typical growth patterns into account when providing estimates on future saleable product available in your pipeline.

GrowerIQ Inventory Forecast
Never wonder if you'll have enough product. Partnering with an experienced Master Grower allows us to incorporate logical predictions for your grow and product pipeline.

Industry experience you can trust

The Canadian cannabis industry is changing rapidly. At GrowerIQ, we have assembled an expert team to ensure that the GrowerIQ platform stays ahead of the industry trends, going beyond basic ACMPR compliance.

  • Shlomo Booklin, Master Grower & Cannabis Consultant

    Shlomo is a Master Grower and recognized expert in the Canadian cannabis industry. Shlomo has worked on numerous large-scale commercial projects – both domestic and abroad – including some of the biggest names in Canadian cannabis.

    As a consultant, Shlomo has written successful license applications for emerging Canadian LPs. His expertise and proven methodology have been incorporated into the GrowerIQ platform, to ensure ACMPR-compliance and smooth, productive workflows.

  • Wilcompute Systems Group

    GrowerIQ is owned and managed by Wilcompute Systems Group. For over 25 years, Wilcompute has been a leader in custom software development, information technology, and business process services. Wilcompute has maintained decades-long relationships with multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett Packard.

  • The cannabis industry is bracing for change in both consumer habits, as well as government regulations. In such an uncertain environment, Wilcompute’s commitment to long-term partnerships separates GrowerIQ from the competition, providing LPs with a safety net. GrowerIQ guarantees ACMPR compliance, now and in the future, along with advanced insights, and an ongoing commitment to improve the platform.


Don't know where to begin?

Seed for Success

Seed for Success is a joint venture between GrowerIQ and International Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin. The program provides industry-leading cannabis consulting services to licensed producers.

Ask about your licensing application, cultivation best practices, our seed-to-sale solution, pricing, implementation, or anything else - our highly knowledgeable team is on hand, ready to help.

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