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The most intuitive ERP for licensed cannabis producers.

GrowerIQ's cannabis seed to sale software solution includes advanced machine learning techniques to analyze your data

Best Cannabis Traceability Platform

GrowerIQ has been nominated in the O'Cannabiz Awards Gala under the category Best Cannabis Software Product. We are so honoured and grateful to be recognized among top industry leaders!

An end-to-end tracking solution for the cannabis industry

GrowerIQ is a robust cannabis management software platform that helps Licensed Producers boost traceability, lower operating costs, stay compliant, and improve overall product quality management. GrowerIQ is now the operational backbone for cannabis producers around the globe!

GrowerIQ operates beyond the realm of basic compliance. A fusion of excellence in software development and master-level insight in cannabis production, our platform exists to increase the value of every element of your licensed operation.

GrowerIQ's cannabis seed to sale software solution includes visualizations of all aspects of your business
A picture is worth a thousand words. Understand the top-down status of your current grow with the overview visualization.


GrowerIQ's integrated production management platform leverages these 5 machine learning strategies to help improve your operations.

GrowerIQ's cannabis seed to sale software solution includes advanced machine learning techniques to analyze your data

Who uses GrowerIQ?

Pre-Licensed Applicants

  • Fully Cannabis Act-compliant

    Our greenhouse-in-a-box is compliant with both the Canadian Cannabis Act, and the previous Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. You'll receive an itemized breakdown of how the platform complies.

  • Master Grower-approved

    We've partnered with an experienced Master Grower to ensure GrowerIQ is not only compliant, but also user-friendly and simple to operate.

  • Dedicated Customer Success team

    Our team of knowledgeable specialists are readily available to help guide you through your regulatory authority's reporting requirements.

Licensed Producers

  • Environmental integration

    Bring all your data under one roof. GrowerIQ integrates with your sensors and environmental controls to create a comprehensive platform for data analysis.

  • Real-time inventory forecasting

    GrowerIQ tracks your inventory down to the individual gram. With such precise analytics, GrowerIQ can forecast future yield, comparing it against historical yield data.

  • Optimize yield with machine learning

    Our machine learning functionality consolidates your production data and provides actionable insights on how to improve quality and quantity. The more you use the platform, the more data our algorithms have to generate insights.

Optimize your cultivation by strain

GrowerIQ cannabis seed to sale software solution includes visualizations of all aspects of your yield
Make decisions based on data. Take advantage of our environmental sensor integration to highlight optimum grow conditions resulting in the most productive yields.
  • Environmental sensor integration

    GrowerIQ is a complete platform. This includes hardware integration to help optimize your grow process. Your facility sensors are fully integrated into our platform.

  • Improve potency and yield

    Our platform consumes data from your grow activities and environmental sensors to generate suggestions around optimal grow conditions.

  • Ensure product quality and consistency

    Take advantage of the insights generated from our platform to ensure your product remains true to the highest standards of quality and consistency that your customers expect.

Gain insight into production costs

  • Track & project operating costs

    You're running a business, not just an exercise in compliance! Assign resource and supply costs to automatically generate a holistic picture of how much it costs to run your facility.

  • Build effortless reports & charts

    Keep your finger on the pulse of production with smart default reports that automatically update as you use the platform.

  • Improve crop yield with machine learning

    We work with you to identify optimal production outcomes based on environmental and grow activities. The more you use the platform, the more data our algorithms have to generate insights.

GrowerIQ cannabis seed to sale software solution includes visualizations of all aspects of your operations
Focus on efficiency. Gain insight into the business you're running with built-in production cost reporting and analytics.

Stay on top of inventory and orders

  • Manage inventory from seed-to-sale

    Never lose a plant or lot again! Remain 100% compliant with every activity logged and timestamped.

  • Customize inventory reports and graphs

    Gain a clear picture of your facility's production capabilities with simple, clear reporting.

  • Predict and prevent inventory shortages

    Help your business gain clarity and predict cash flow, by using your performance data to predict future saleable product available in your pipeline.

GrowerIQ's cannabis seed to sale software solution includes visualizations of all aspects of your inventory and forecasts
Never wonder if you'll have enough product. Partnering with an experienced Master Grower allows us to incorporate logical predictions for your grow and product pipeline.

Prevent manual errors

Hardware & Software Blend

Untether your team

Your operations team is busy. Empower them to perform their activities quickly and efficiently with our integrated mobile computers. Staff can scan batches, log cultivation activities, view history, pick orders, send labels for printing, and more. Automated logging and activity tracking means you won't have to make the tradeoff between being productive and remaining in compliance.

GrowerIQ's seed to sale software means no more clipboards! All activities in the GrowerIQ platform can be performed on the spot using integrated mobile computers.

Integrate with your facility

Other software forces you to rely on 3rd-party systems that don't integrate with your cultivation activities. GrowerIQ's seed-to-sale software automatically shows you facility environment readings right where you work. Alerts are customized based on ideal operational setpoints. Unsure of what's optimal? Our professional services team will give you peace of mind.

GrowerIQ's seed to sale software instantly understands problem areas. GrowerIQ automatically sends out alerts when environmental readings fall outside approved bounds.

Speed up your processes

Maximize operational efficiency with one-click label printing from your mobile device. Compliant labeling can be complicated. In a highly regulated industry, how do you ensure the right tradeoff between compliance and product differentiation? GrowerIQ's seed-to-sale solution allows you to build custom templates, highlighting important characteristics.

GrowerIQ's seed to sale software includes networked printers that sit next to work areas, allowing for one-click printing and maximum efficiency.

Industry experience you can trust

The cannabis industry is changing rapidly. At GrowerIQ, we have assembled an expert team to ensure that the GrowerIQ platform stays ahead of the industry trends, going beyond basic government compliance.

  • Shlomo Booklin, Master Grower & Cannabis Consultant

    Shlomo is a recognized cannabis expert, having worked on numerous large-scale projects, both domestic and abroad, including some of the biggest names in Canadian cannabis. Shlomo is an approved Responsible Person in Charge, with security clearance from Health Canada. Paired with GrowerIQ's extensive experience in project management, process optimization, and system integration, Shlomo's expertise will help your licensed producer business gain a competitive edge. His expertise and proven methodology have been incorporated into the GrowerIQ platform, to ensure compliance and smooth, productive workflows.

    You can usually find him on a plane, travelling between projects in Canada, Colombia, Macedonia, and Zimbabwe.

GrowerIQ's cannabis seed to sale software solution incorporates insights from our Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin, right into the software
  • Wilcompute Systems Group

    GrowerIQ is owned and managed by Wilcompute Systems Group. For over 25 years, Wilcompute has been a leader in custom software development, information technology, and business process services. Wilcompute has maintained decades-long relationships with multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett Packard.

    The cannabis industry is bracing for change in both consumer habits, as well as government regulations. In such an uncertain environment, Wilcompute's commitment to long-term partnerships separates GrowerIQ from the competition, providing LPs with a safety net. GrowerIQ guarantees compliance, advanced insights, and an ongoing commitment to improve the platform.

GrowerIQ's cannabis seed to sale software solution is brought to you by the technology consulting team at Wilcompute Systems Group

Featured Service Partners

Shopify and GrowerIQ integrate seamlessly together to blend your seed-to-sale tracking technology and your online shopping platform.

Shopify, trusted by global leaders at all levels of the cannabis industry, is a leading shopping solution enabler. Our seed-to-sale platform integrates with Shopify to empower our clients to sell products directly to registered patients. With their help we can deploy a robust commerce solution that is built to scale with you. Customize your store, track sales, manage inventory and grow your business. Get in touch with our team to learn more on how to integrate tracking with checkouts.


Mastering the Compliant Grow

Over more than 100 pages you'll learn everything from batch numbering strategies in a licensed facility, propagation, nutrient delivery, IPM and spider mite pest management, crop harvest, and more!

GrowerIQ's Mastering the Compliant Grow

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The GrowerIQ cannabis seed to sale software solution incorporates experts from various subject matter areas

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