GrowerIQ Announces Exclusive Insights Partnership with Shlomo Booklin

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Daniel Kain
Daniel is the COO of GrowerIQ. He is a cannabis industry advisor, subject matter expert, and certified PMP. Daniel brings extensive experience in project management, technology, procurement, and strategic business planning.

GrowerIQ is proud to announce an exclusive insights partnership with Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin. GrowerIQ is now the only place to find Shlomo’s deep industry knowledge and cultivation insights. Shlomo is a renowned expert in the cannabis space, having worked with many of the largest LPs in the industry, including Tilray and MedRelief. Shlomo adds an experienced voice to GrowerIQ’s integrated business management and compliance platform; bringing together systems, data, and insights to help you grow.

We’ve worked with Shlomo extensively to fill GrowerIQ with the insights and analysis that he, as a grower, would need to maximize both yield and profitability. Andrew Wilson, COO

Shlomo’s input as a day-to-day user has also been incorporated into GrowerIQ, to create intuitive processes that are simple to learn and follow. You will find this knowledge built directly into the platform – for example, our custom rules engine will block a rule that contravenes your, or Shlomo’s, best practices. We are excited to take this next step with our friend, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Shlomo.

If you have any questions for a Master Grower about your production or practices, feel free to send them over and we’ll feature the discussion on What’s Growing On?

The thing I like about GrowerIQ is the team is agile, dynamic, and diverse. You tailor the solution to the customer’s needs, which stands out in the marketplace today.Shlomo Booklin, Master Grower

About Shlomo Booklin

Shlomo is a Master Grower and recognized expert in the Canadian cannabis industry. Shlomo has worked on numerous large scale commercial projects – both domestic and abroad – including some of the biggest names in Canadian cannabis. As a consultant, Shlomo has written successful license applications for emerging Canadian LPs. His expertise and proven methodology have been incorporated into the GrowerIQ platform, to ensure ACMPR-compliance and smooth, productive workflows.