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Sherry Ellen Slitts
Sherry has been active in the biotechnology industry since 2010. She is experienced in developing quality management systems and documentation for regulatory compliance under GMP guidelines. Her background in microbiology, cell biology, and aseptic processing provide a scientific context for cannabis production methods. Sherry has a passion for plant science, especially in the areas of tissue culture and bioactive compound extraction.

GrowerIQ is the only cannabis cultivation software and ERP on the market designed by a Master Grower.

Seed to Sale Solutions and Beyond by GrowerIQ

If you've been looking for the best seed to sale solution for cannabis cultivation software that is designed by master growers for master growers, GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software has everything you’re looking for, and more. GrowerIQ eliminates the need to have separate software and documentation systems for cannabis quality assurance, environmental monitoring, and compliance tracking and provides seed-to-sale tracking all in one program.

Seed-to-sale cannabis cultivation software ensures regulatory compliance for cannabis producers while integrating business solutions and production management. With GrowerIQ you will be able to bring together systems, data, and insights to help you grow cannabis better than ever.

The GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation software and ERP has simple and intuitive design that is friendly for both the tech proficient and for employees that may not be tech savvy. It can also be customized to meet specific business needs, making it a truly seamless solution for cannabis businesses of all sizes.

GrowerIQ Feature Overview

GrowerIQ eliminates the need to have separate software and documentation systems for cannabis quality assurance, environmental monitoring, and compliance tracking and provides seed-to-sale tracking all in one program.

How is GrowerIQ more than seed-to-sale software? Here are some feature highlight articles to consider when comparing seed-to-sale software features:

Going Beyond Cannabis Act Compliance

Licensed Producers (LPs) have a lot of work to do before they even set up a building and start growing plants. There is extensive planning and approval to make sure businesses have sound systems in place before they break ground. GrowerIQ cannabis consulting and cannabis business plan services that can help you obtain your cultivation license. Their one of a kind Seed for Success cannabis consulting can help walk you through these steps and provides you with a cultivation software product that implements those systems.

After your cannabis cultivation business is set up, GrowerIQ's cultivation software goes to work to help you plan and manage cannabis crops and inventory. Cannabis cultivation software enables your entire facility to be monitored to track production metrics and alert staff of failures and abnormalities.

Grower insights are another key feature of the cultivation software that helps interpret metrics and suggest ways to improve. No other ERP system is also capable of accumulating and interpreting metrics in this way. With the help of Master Grower Shlomo Booklin, GrowerIQ brings practical experience together with data-driven cultivation software solutions.

What does cannabis cultivation software by GrowerIQ do?

  • Optimize agricultural practices
  • Lower operating costs
  • Produce cannabis with consistent quality
  • Cannabis quality assurance
  • Real time environmental monitoring with alerts
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Inventory management
  • Batch tracking with metrics
  • Production planning and forecasting

Seed-to-Sale Tracking

The seed-to-sale portion of the GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation software is an important tool that enables growers to remain compliant with Health Canada's reporting requirements. It tracks inventory and orders, making sure that every gram of cannabis is accounted for from the mother plant through harvest, storage, and sale. If the need arose to recall a batch or track a batch issue, the GrowerIQ system makes it easy to pull a report of all of the batch information.

Along with tracking plant material, the GrowerIQ cultivation software and ERP also ensures that all cultivation activities can be tracked to the individuals performing them. This is another key feature to compliance with Health Canada's cannabis regulations. Being able to track cultivation activities to an individual is also valuable for evaluating performance metrics and tracing errors back to their source.

GrowerIQ's cannabis cultivation software simplifies the process of uniting fragmented systems in your grow facility.
GrowerIQ's cannabis cultivation software simplifies the process of uniting fragmented systems in your grow facility.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Along with seed-to-sale tracking, GrowerIQ integrates enterprise resource planning so your yields, revenue projections, and supply chain are integrated with plant tracking, and much more!

Cultivation software that is capable of handling business needs is a great value. Growers and business staff often exist in separate departments. Communication and planning can be greatly improved when all parts of your cannabis business are able to connect easily.

GrowerIQ's cultivation and business insights and reports are extremely helpful in managing your cannabis license and reporting to Health Canada or presenting to business investors. GrowerIQ also manages your clients and keeps track of important information such as prescriptions, shipping addresses, and contact information.

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GrowerIQ's cannabis seed to sale software also incorporates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features. Make your operations more efficient by uniting systems.
Forecast inventory availability simply and accurately. GrowerIQ's cannabis seed-to-sale software incorporates inventory analysis and planning features.

Environmental Monitoring and Control

GrowerIQ is compatible with a variety of sensors. Through those sensors, the software can give you real time graphing and environmental monitoring and alert you if conditions are out of specification. GrowerIQ also stores graphs of environmental data that allow you to easily compare growing conditions between different batches.

With superior metrics that can be compared with yield and lab testing data, you are able to make data driven decisions that optimize every batch and allow you to track ideal conditions for each strain. Generating this kind of data and performing this level of analysis without automation requires intense amounts of time and resources. With GrowerIQ, you don’t need a scientist to perform crop optimization analysis, you can simply select the batches of interest and compare the charts and data within minutes.

Another unique feature is that GowerIQ seed-to-sale-software also allows you to respond to real time environmental monitoring data. HVAC, lighting, and irrigation can be conveniently controlled through the same software used to track it.

Quality Management System

A quality management system (QMS) is an integral piece of cannabis business infrastructure. Quality system functions like record creation and retention, environmental monitoring, and batch tracking are cumbersome to maintain using paper records. GrowerIQ cultivation software is able to digitize and automate many processes needed to maintain a quality management system for cannabis. Features like the document repository allow for indefinite and secure record retention, and the ability to set limits and alerts means quality control points are well monitored.

Typically seed-to-sale cannabis cultivation software, ERP and analytic software, environmental monitoring, and quality management systems exist in four separate platforms. GrowerIQ brings them all together in one. The quality assurance portion of the GrowerIQ software allows QA staff to manage and store documents and records, to sign off and verify every step of production, and perform CAPA and risk assessments.

With the ability to integrate data from all aspects of the business and run custom reports, auditing is a simple process that takes less time and resources. GrowerIQ is designed to support Good Production Practices (GPP) compliance and their consultants can make sure you have the SOPs you need for your LP application. GrowerIQ consulting can take your SOPs a step further by customizing them to your operation and ensuring that your SOPs have been validated. Validated procedures mean you and Health Canada will be assured the procedures work as intended.

Forecast inventory availability simply and accurately. GrowerIQ's cannabis cultivation software incorporates inventory analysis and planning features.
GrowerIQ's cannabis cultivation software also incorporates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features. Make your operations more efficient by uniting systems.

Seed-to-Sale Cultivation Software and Consulting

GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation software offers you four products in one package - the ultimate cultivation software system and cannabis ERP. Our cultivation software allows you to plan and track your batches while managing the business, and the plant environment.

By leveraging five different machine learning strategies the GrowerIQ software enabled Licenced Producers to bring metrics-based management solutions to their cannabis business while integrating equipment like mobile computing to replace clipboards and paper, real-time environmental monitoring equipment, label printers, and even scales.

If you are looking for the ultimate seed-to-sale software that ensures compliance and efficient business operations, GrowerIQ is the solution for you. Master Grower Shlomo Booklin has partnered exclusively with GrowerIQ to ensure the software offers all of the features and capabilities to enable producers to cultivate the best cannabis possible. His decades of experience have guided the business and technology experts at GrowerIQ in developing software platform that will help you execute your plans and create a commercially viable facility.

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Master Grower Shlomo Booklin has partnered with GrowerIQ to ensure the software offers all of the features and capabilities to enable producers to cultivate the best cannabis possible.

Don't know where to begin? We can simplify the process.

Whether you are looking to scale up your business, find solutions to streamline your operation, or are just starting to write a business plan, GrowerIQ is here for you with seed-to-sale software and consulting services to help you build and improve your business.

Let's discuss your project in order to determine how to best make your technology fit your business. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and money pursuing a tech platform, only to find that it doesn't meet your long-term needs. Find out more on our cultivation software by clicking the link below, or starting a chat to the right.

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GrowerIQ is a complete cannabis production management platform. Ours is the first platform to integrate your facility systems, including sensors, building controls, QMS, and ERP, into a single simplified interface.

GrowerIQ is changing the way producers use software - transforming a regulatory requirement into a robust platform to learn, analyze, and improve performance.

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