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Regulations On The Use And Cultivation Of Industrial Hemp Spain

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Learn the facts on industrial hemp in Spain, including the rules and guidelines for its cultivation and usage.

Are you curious about the laws and regulations surrounding hemp cultivation in Spain? Whether you are a seasoned grower or planning to start on this journey, understanding the smoking club opening license can be useful. This article will provide valuable insights to help you navigate industrial hemp in Spain.

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What Is Deemed As Industrial Hemp In Spain?

Hemp Leaves - Industrial Hemp Spain

Industrial hemp, also known as hemp, is a variant of the Cannabis sativa plant species. In Spain, industrial hemp is defined as having a low concentration of THC, specifically less than 0.2% THC. This sets it apart from narcotic cannabis, which contains higher levels of THC and is known for its psychoactive effects on consumers. The legality and regulation of industrial hemp in Spain are aligned with international conventions and the plant’s distinct uses.

The Diverse Industrial Uses of Hemp in Spain

Hemp is recognized for its versatility and fast-growing nature, making it a valuable resource for various industrial and commercial purposes. In Spain, industrial hemp is used to produce an array of products, from:

  • Textiles and clothing to ropes
  • Shoes
  • Paper
  • Bioplastics
  • Insulation
  • Biofuel

Beyond these traditional applications, the plant also yields phytochemicals like cannabidiol (CBD), which are used for:

  • Oils
  • Cosmetics
  • Food products for both humans and animals

Hemp research continues to uncover new beneficial phytochemical components such as cannabigerol (CBG), showcasing the plant’s potential in diverse sectors.

Hemp’s Potential in Phytochemicals

The 0.2% THC threshold deemed acceptable in Spain for industrial hemp production enables a variety of applications across industries, positioning the country as part of the global movement to leverage hemp’s versatility. Through adherence to national regulations and international conventions, Spain contributes to the sustainable utilization of industrial hemp for economic, environmental, and health-related benefits.

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What Are The Regulations Surrounding The Use Of Industrial Hemp In Spain

Hemp Leaves - Flag of Spain

Under two sets of regulations, the industrial use of Cannabis sativa (Hemp) is permitted in Spain. The Royal Decree 1729/1999, passed on the 12th November 1999, established the rules for applying for and granting aid for cannabis and fiber flax. Under this regulation, 25 varieties of industrial Cannabis (Hemp) can be cultivated in Spain for fiber production. Legal crops must come from EU-certified seed varieties.

Legalizing Industrial Hemp Cultivation (Below 0.2% THC) 

The European Union Regulation No 1307/2013, passed on the 17th December 2013 legally permits the industrial cultivation of Cannabis sativa (Hemp) with a THC content below 0.2% for a variety of industrial uses, not only fiber production.

Cosmetic Use of Cannabis

The cosmetic use of Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products, which is currently very popular, is not possible to register on a national level, as the AEMPS does not consider the application in cosmetics. Yet, registration on the European Union’s Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) is possible, enabling companies to sell their products in Spain. A license from the AEMPS is required to grow and extract derivates like CBD.

Marketing Hemp Products in Spain

If a company intends to market Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp) products made from flowers, stems, or leaves in Spain, it must present an application to the European Commission complying with the EU Regulation 2015/2283 of the European Parliament and Council. 

This regulation passed on 25 November 2015, sets the framework for Novelty foods, under which Hemp products like CBD fall. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) assesses the risk and decides whether to authorize or non-authorize the products.

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Is CBD Legal or Not?

CBD Oil - Flag of Spain

Hemp cultivation has been burgeoning for almost a decade now, thanks to the scientific attention directed toward the active ingredient in the hemp flower: CBD. The World Health Organization’s 2018 report on CBD’s benefits and non-toxicity further accelerated this growth. 

The striking resemblance between hemp and marijuana has caused significant confusion. In 2021, various Spanish communities noticed a surge in hemp cultivation by farmers from different regions of Spain. The lack of clear regulations surrounding hemp and CBD in Spain has led to:

  • Legal ambiguity
  • Affecting farmers
  • Companies
  • Users of hemp and CBD

Uncertainties Hinder Hemp Industry Growth

In Spain, the absence of explicit regulations on hemp and CBD creates uncertainty, leading to interventions in hemp cultivation due to doubts about its legality. Some administrative bodies exhibit a prohibitionist stance, hindering the industry’s growth and making Spanish operators less competitive than their European counterparts. 

Hemp cultivation for flowers remains illegal in Spain unless authorized by AEMPS, Spain’s medicines regulatory authority. Consequently, companies must grow and import hemp from EU member countries. This clarifies Spanish hemp producers’ challenges and the need to navigate a complex regulatory environment.

Obtaining A Licence For Cultivating Industrial Hemp Spain

Hemp - Flag of Spain

In Spain, individuals who wish to grow industrial hemp do not technically need a license. Growing hemp for flower, including harvesting hemp for CBD extraction, is currently illegal in the country. To cultivate cannabis for purposes other than industrial hemp production, an interested party must obtain a license from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS). This includes any hemp grown to extract CBD.

AEMPS Restrictions on Cannabis Cultivation in Spain

Licenses are solely granted for research or medical/scientific purposes. The strains intended to be grown must be listed in the European Commission catalog. As of now, AEMPS has:

  • Granted authorization to 15 entities to cultivate cannabis for research purposes. 
  • 8 other companies have obtained authorizations for the production and/or manufacturing of cannabis and its products for medical and scientific purposes. 
  • 3 companies are authorized to grow cannabis plants to produce the necessary batches for validating the manufacturing process of narcotic active ingredients for medical purposes.

All license holders must submit an annual report to AEMPS to maintain compliance with regulations. This rigorous process ensures oversight and accountability in the cultivation of cannabis for research and medical purposes in Spain.

Regulations On Other Uses Of Hemp In Spain.

Uses of Hemp - Flag of Spain

Hemp CBD Foods

CBD extracts are classified as novel foods in Spain, as in the rest of the European Union. This categorization requires them to undergo testing by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) before receiving authorization. The EFSA is responsible for evaluating the safety of introducing new foods to the European market. This process ensures that all products comply with the necessary requirements, guaranteeing consumer safety and quality standards.

Hemp CBD Cosmetics

The European Commission has regulations regarding cosmetics that prohibit the use of cannabis-based ingredients. Spain adheres to these restrictions, ensuring that CBD is not used in cosmetics sold within its borders. These regulations are in place to maintain the safety and quality of cosmetic products available to consumers.

Hemp CBD Vape Products

In Spain, vaping devices are legal, subject to certain conditions set by national laws. Makers and importers must meet specific requirements to ensure compliance with Spanish legislation. Some autonomous communities within Spain have enacted their regulations, further regulating the use of vaping devices. For example, Catalonia has banned using these products in public health facilities to promote public safety and well-being.

Hemp CBD Pet Foods and Products

CBD products intended for pets fall under EU legislation related to pet food. Only authorized additives can be used in these products, as listed in the EU Register of Feed Additives. Recently, the European Commission removed CBD-based products from its Feed Materials Register, signaling changes in regulations related to pet food additives. These developments highlight the importance of staying updated on evolving regulations to ensure compliance and provide safe animal products.

Medical Cannabis Spain

In Spain, the regulation of medicinal cannabis is currently nonexistent, with cultivation or production of derivatives allowed only in the scenario of export to an authorized company in its country of origin. The Spanish Congress recently took a significant step towards regularizing cannabis for medicinal use. The AEMPS is working on drafting recommendations for the regulation of medical cannabis to ensure the quality and standardization of cannabis extracts and preparations.

Authorizations for Cannabis Business

The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) offers various authorizations to individuals wishing to enter the cannabis industry. These include authorization for the cultivation of cannabis plants for:

  • Research purposes
  • Production of varieties or seeds with therapeutic use
  • Investigation of physical and pharmacological properties of cannabis and its products.

Authorization for medical and scientific cultivation is available, along with authorization to grow plants that could produce narcotic drugs to validate manufacturing processes for medical purposes.

Spanish Medical Cannabis Association (AECAME)

In anticipation of the future legalization of medicinal cannabis, the Spanish Medical Cannabis Association (AECAME) has been established. While medicinal cannabis remains unregulated in Spain, AECAME is poised to make a significant impact once regulations are in place.

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