Current Laws & Legislations For Growing Medical Cannabis In Spain

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Learn the latest information on growing medical cannabis in Spain, including the laws and regulations you must follow.

The journey of growing medical cannabis can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to understanding the laws and regulations surrounding the cultivation of medical cannabis in Spain and the smoking club opening license. This blog will give you valuable insights on navigating the growing medical cannabis in Spain.

If you’re overwhelmed by the legalities and complexities of the process, GrowerIQ’s cannabis production software can help simplify your journey and ensure you understand the laws and regulations surrounding the cultivation of medical cannabis in Spain.

The State of Medical Cannabis In Spain

Cannabis for Medical Usage - Growing Medical Cannabis in Spain

Spain prohibits cannabis cultivation for research, medical, and scientific purposes unless authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS). Despite this ban, medicinal cannabis remains unregulated. On June 27, 2022, the Spanish Congress approved a report on experiences with regulating cannabis for medical use, a significant step towards legalization.

The report acknowledges the therapeutic potential of certain cannabis preparations. The AEMPS is drafting recommendations for regulating medical cannabis, ensuring compliance, and guaranteeing the quality of standardized extracts and preparations. In anticipation of legalization, the Spanish Medical Cannabis Association (AECAME) has been formed.

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The State and Conditions for Growing Medical Cannabis In Spain

Cannabis on Weight Machine - Growing Medical Cannabis in Spain

In Spain, the regulations surrounding the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes are particularly stringent. Medicinal cannabis remains unregulated, and the commercial cultivation or production of derivatives is only permitted for export to authorized companies in their respective countries. 

AEMPS Authorizations Explained

To engage in the medical cannabis business in Spain, one must obtain specific authorizations from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS). These authorizations include:

  • Permits for the cultivation of cannabis plants for research purposes.
  • The cultivation of cannabis plants for medical and scientific endeavors.
  • The cultivation of plants capable of yielding narcotic drugs for the validation of active narcotic drug manufacturing processes. 

Medical Cannabis Landscape in Spain

Currently, the AEMPS has granted authorizations to fifteen entities for research purposes. In contrast, eight others have received authorization for the production and/or manufacture of cannabis and its products for medical and scientific uses. Three companies have been authorized to cultivate cannabis plants to obtain batches necessary for validating manufacturing processes of narcotic active ingredients for medical purposes.

As a result, select patients in Spain can access cannabis-based medications solely by medical prescription. Notably, patients with conditions such as endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, and cancer may benefit from cannabis-based treatments. 

How To Obtain A Licence To Grow Medical Cannabis In Spain

Documents for license - Growing Medical Cannabis in Spain

To obtain a license to grow cannabis for therapeutic purposes in Spain, individuals or companies must go through the AEMPS, the only authorized body that can grant such licenses. The AEMPS provides a downloadable form titled Authorization Request for the Cultivation of Cannabis Plants for Medical and Scientific Purposes. This form requires detailed information about the company and the intended activities, including:

Description of Purpose

Applicants must comprehensively describe the crops’ purpose and the activities planned to achieve that purpose.

Forecasted Plots and Cultivation Area

Information on the forecasted plots and the area to be cultivated for Cannabis growth is required. 

Source Material Information

  • Details regarding the origin of the seeds or cuttings intended to be grown
  • Cannabis seeds strains
  • Approximate levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) content of the plants to be produced

Destination and Purpose

Applicants must outline the destination and purpose of the cannabis and the products to be obtained.

Authorized Manufacturer Information

Please provide details regarding the authorized manufacturer to whom the crop will be delivered and who will be responsible for its processing per the regulations.

Facilities Description

A description of the facilities where the cannabis cultivation activities are planned, including facilities for processing.

Security Measures Description

Applicants must provide details concerning the security measures planned for the plots and the facilities where the cultivation activities will occur.

Streamlining Compliance and Operations with GrowerIQ

Cannabis growers face challenges in managing reporting, documentation, and compliance requirements due to the complexity of regulatory frameworks, evolving legal standards, and the need for accurate record-keeping in a highly regulated industry. 

At GrowerIQ, our software aims to provide cannabis growers with a comprehensive solution for:

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GrowerIQ provides cannabis growers with a comprehensive solution for managing their:

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What About Cannabis For Recreational Use?

Rolling up joints - Growing Medical Cannabis in Spain

Spain has considerably liberal laws regarding cannabis for recreational or personal use. While it remains illegal to grow cannabis for commercial purposes or to sell it, it is possible to grow it at home and use it in private spaces—so long as the grow cannot be seen from a public space.

Decriminalization Without Legalization

Spain doesn’t have laws legalizing cannabis production or use, but it’s not explicitly illegal either. Growing a small number of plants at home for personal use has been decriminalized since the 1970s. You can even distribute this cannabis for free. This has led to the rise of cannabis social clubs, especially in Barcelona. These clubs operate in a legal grey area due to the lack of clear regulations.

A Gray Area of Membership and Donations

Cannabis social clubs in Spain exist in a legal gray area. Though allowed to grow cannabis for members, they can’t technically sell it. Members pay contributions and receive cannabis free. This doubt fuels:

Many users and growers call for clearer regulations to combat these issues.

Cultivation Of Hemp For Industrial Use

For Industrial Use - Growing Medical Cannabis in Spain

To grow industrial hemp in Spain, specific requirements must be met. Although obtaining a license to grow industrial hemp is not necessary, certain conditions must be followed to ensure compliance with regulations. 

  • The seeds used for hemp cultivation must be certified by the EU and recognized as strains with a THC content of less than 0.3%. This certification is essential to ensure the industrial hemp grown is legal and compliant.
  • When purchasing seeds, it is highly recommended that you keep the purchase invoice, seed label, or certification as legal proof of compliance in case any issues arise. These documents guarantee the legality of the seeds used for cultivation. 
  • It is essential to register the hemp crop with the Regional Agricultural Office where it will be grown. This registration process involves entering the crop into the General Registry of Agricultural Production as a hemp crop intended for producing fiber or oil.

It is advisable to visit the local police station to report the crop and present all the documentation obtained during the registration process. By informing the police about hemp cultivation, growers can avoid conflicts or misunderstandings if law enforcement discovers the fields. Following these steps helps ensure that the growing of industrial hemp in Spain complies with legal regulations and operates smoothly within the legal framework.

Are There Future Plans To Legalize Cannabis In Spain?

Future Plans - Growing Medical Cannabis in Spain

Spain has long been known for its carelessness towards cannabis, especially when it comes to personal use. But now, the country is on the verge of a significant change, with the potential legalization of medicinal cannabis. This legislation, which is set to be debated by the Spanish Congress, could see Spain adopting a more liberal stance on the use of medical marijuana very shortly.

Growing Political Acceptance for Medical Cannabis in Spain

Recent developments suggest that medicinal cannabis is becoming more accepted within the Spanish political landscape. The Ministry of Health is believed to be proposing this new legislation, which has previously been met with resistance. This time around, there seems to be a majority within Congress willing to support it. The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) will likely have the deciding vote, as other parties have taken firm stances on either side of the legalization debate.

PSOE’s Potential Pivot

The PSOE has previously opposed broader legalization because cannabis is prohibited by UN conventions. Their position may be shifting, and they could cast their vote in favor of medical cannabis legislation. This change in heart could pave the way for Spain to introduce a more progressive medical cannabis system in the coming months.

Anticipated Impact of Medical Cannabis Law

It’s exciting to see the tide turning in favor of cannabis legalization in Spain. With the right legislation in place, the country is poised to embark on a new chapter in its relationship with cannabis. The potential passing of the medical cannabis law could be a game-changer for patients in need of this vital treatment. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving landscape as Spain navigates the complexities of medical cannabis legalization.

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Quality Management

Quality management is critical to cannabis cultivation, and maintaining consistent product quality is essential for business success. GrowerIQ’s cannabis production software includes tools that assist growers in monitoring and maintaining the quality of their products. This ensures that the end product meets the necessary standards and provides consumers with a consistent experience.

Cultivation Planning

Effective cultivation planning is vital for optimizing production and ensuring consistent yields. GrowerIQ’s software allows growers to plan their cultivation processes efficiently, considering plant genetics, environmental conditions, and production goals. With this tool, growers can optimize their:

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Comprehensive Solution for Cannabis Growers

GrowerIQ’s cannabis production software provides cannabis growers a comprehensive solution for managing cultivation operations. By leveraging its functionalities, cannabis growers can navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape, streamline their operations, and ultimately unlock the full potential of their cultivation processes.

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