Learn how to integrate with GrowerIQ and unlock revenue-driving opportunities with our Service Partner Program.

Service Partner Progam

Our service partners drive growth for themselves and their clients with direct access to GrowerIQ’s sales tools, methodology, and expertise.

Why partner with GrowerIQ?

GrowerIQ Service Partner Program

Grow with the Industry Leader

With market leading share in jurisdictions around the world, GrowerIQ is likely already operating in your region. Partnering with the best allows you to close more deals and expand into new service lines.

GrowerIQ Service Partner Program

Scale your Clients’ Business

Successful production facilities leverage the best technology available to drive efficiency and stay compliant. The most efficient businesses scale and become industry leaders! Empower your customers to scale with GrowerIQ.

GrowerIQ Service Partner Program

Become a Cannabis Tech Expert

Benefits of Service Partner Program membership include access to training materials, sales collateral, early product release demos, and webinar training. We provide you the tools to become an expert in cannabis tech!

Supercharge Your Business

GrowerIQ receives consulting inquiries from around the world. We rely on our incredible network of vetted partners to carry out this advisory work with the professionalism and attention to detail for which we’re known.

Does that sound like you?

Apply for the Service Partner Program to gain access to this stream of business, or to offer your existing clients an industry-leading cannabis ERP platform and cannabis cultivation software. GrowerIQ service partners receive comprehensive training, sales collateral, and generous referral program incentives.

Supercharge your business today by partnering with GrowerIQ.

GrowerIQ Service Partner Program

Who Should Apply to the Service Partner Program?

Business Process Outsourcers

Our local BPO and integrator partners are experts in the GrowerIQ platform, and help integrate the wide variety of on-site systems for maximum integration.


Our consultant partners leverage our cannabis management platform’s trusted compliance track record and global reach to ensure their clients stay compliant and successful.

Want to Become a GrowerIQ Partner?


GrowerIQ Service Partner Program

Consultants, Agencies, and BPOs are welcome to apply. If you’re a good fit, we’ll schedule an intro call. Be sure to include your regional focus and typical client profile.


GrowerIQ Service Partner Program

We’ll share our official agreement with you. Once you’ve reviewed and signed it, you’re set.


GrowerIQ Service Partner Program

Finally, we’ll kick off your onboarding and training process so you can develop your GrowerIQ strategy.

GrowerIQ Cannabis Management Platform

GrowerIQ is the first platform to bring together all of the fragmented systems required by cannabis production facilities around the world.

Get started on your partnership with a world leader in cannabis technology by filling out the application form.

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