GrowerIQ Announces Partnership with High North Labs

GrowerIQ Announces Partnership with High North Labs

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GrowerIQ is the operational backbone ERP that unites the fragmented systems required by cannabis production facilities around the world. The company now powers facilities in more than a dozen countries, and four languages - enabling true seed-to-sale traceability.

Leading Cannabis Testing Lab Partners with Seed-to-Sale Technology Provider to Seamlessly Incorporate Lab Results into Digital Batch Record

  • GrowerIQ & High North Labs announce partnership to build tight integration between seed-to-sale traceability and lab results 
  • Partnership includes benefits for GrowerIQ customers, including bulk lab discounts, speedy shipping, better payment terms, etc.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – October 22, 2020 – GrowerIQ, a seed-to-sale technology and cannabis cultivation software provider, is excited to announce a partnership with High North Labs. This partnership will improve the testing process for clients, with seamless, system-to-system integration of lab results transmitted automatically to GrowerIQ’s digital batch record.

The tie-up also includes benefits exclusively for GrowerIQ clients, including discounted testing rates, better payment terms, and more. High North customers that want to simplify their testing process, or upgrade their own traceability systems to GrowerIQ will receive preferential rates.

Andrew Wilson, GrowerIQ’s Chief Operating Officer, commented on the impact that direct system integration will have on GrowerIQ client workflows, “Until now, lab testing across the industry was a very manual process. The lab uploads a PDF of your Certificate of Analysis to their portal, which you must find, download, store, and control somehow. Partnering with a leading lab like High North is a way for us to continue streamlining workflows for our clients – your results are uploaded directly to GrowerIQ, cutting out that manual effort.”

John Slaughter, High North’s Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the impact on data, “Incorporating our detailed lab test results into the broader GrowerIQ traceability chain allows customers to start exploring their data. Licensed producers can analyze how cultivation activities and environmental conditions impact plant characteristics, represented by sample test results. GrowerIQ’s data insights team can analyze which activities correlate to which terpene expression or THC/CBD profile. This type of analysis is how we push the industry forward.”

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GrowerIQ is a compliant cannabis seed-to-sale and cultivation management platform, designed in partnership with a Master Grower. It was the first platform to integrate all facility systems, including sensors, controls, QMS, and ERP, into a single interface. GrowerIQ leverages proprietary machine learning technology to automate your facility and provide quality-boosting cultivation insights. GrowerIQ changes the way cultivators use software – transforming a regulatory requirement into a platform to learn, analyze, and improve performance.

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GrowerIQ is a complete cannabis production management platform. Ours is the first platform to integrate your facility systems, including sensors, building controls, QMS, and ERP, into a single simplified interface.

GrowerIQ is changing the way producers use software - transforming a regulatory requirement into a robust platform to learn, analyze, and improve performance.

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