Choosing the Right Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Platform

Seed to Sale Tracking: Choosing the Right Software

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Which seed-to-sale platform is right for you?

What is a seed-to-sale platform?

A seed-to-sale software is a tracking process to record anything and everything happening to and around your cannabis growing, cultivating, and selling processes. It is a means to gather and maintain all the data that growing, distributing and sale operations would need. Every moment of interaction within the production chain must be recorded, whether for cannabis, hemp, or standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Seed-to-sale software also helps regulators ensure that cannabis companies follow all laws and regulations. This includes paying all applicable taxes and fees and tracking potentially contaminated products to recall them.

As a grower, why should I use seed-to-sale tracking software?

Simply put, you won’t be able to legally do anything with your product unless you can prove you’ve used an appropriate tracking system.

Licensed producers (LPs) can use seed-to-sale to track dozens of compliance metrics, including lab test results, inventory tracking, waste disposal processes, licensing requirements, and packaging and labelling requirements. All this heavily impacts the quality of your cannabis product.

Professionals might use seed-to-sale to track important dates for their own cultivation purposes including phases of their growth cycle, seed acquisition, planting, seed germination, harvesting, and processing.

A Seed-to-Sale Software enables you to:

  • Track payments

  • Track transportation

  • Identify cannabis strains and batch numbers

  • See details of any transaction

Essentially, seed-to-sale provides you with broader visibility over your business operations, so you’re able to increase efficiency and profitability.

Do I need to use a seed-to-sale platform?

By not using seed-to-sale software, you risk the credibility, reputation, and validity of your company. Your platform will ensure producers, distributors, and retailers maintain compliance with all laws and regulations. Tracking eliminates the risk of making mistakes, skipping crucial steps, or processing errors that would result in hefty fines or even criminal charges.

Tracking solutions also protect a company’s reputation. If a batch is tainted, you can pinpoint exactly which step in the process went wrong. (This avoids having to recall thousands and thousands of dollars worth of product? Without a tracking solution, your cannabis business simply doesn’t seem professional.

Implementing effective seed-to-sale software in your operation is a safe and guaranteed way to grow your marijuana business.

Chain of Custody

Every touchpoint must be recorded. From leaves thrown in the garbage, to the number of seeds you’re planting. This thorough tracking is to protect consumers, whose health and safety is the primary concern. If something goes wrong with a marijuana batch, LPs, retailers, and regulators can determine where and what went wrong, which enforces liability and responsibility every step of the way. This chain of custody keeps a paper trail of the ownership, regulation, transport, lab testing, and consistency of the product. Each LP must comply with safety and hygiene requirements so that its products are safe for human consumption.

The government enforces the use of seed-to-sale software to monitor cannabis companies processes, and record which companies are paying relevant taxes and complying (or violating) provincial and local laws. They are able to recall products in the rare event that a product has been compromised. The aforementioned chain of custody gives officials the ability to determine the exact location, time, and batch number of any product (including oils, flowers, concentrates, edibles, or extracts) that could have been tainted and needs to be recalled.

Expert Advice

 As any plant owner may know, keeping a plant healthy is difficult, and marijuana is no different. Plus, regulations can be tedious. They differ per legal framework, so having a healthy grow-op and a sound facility only covers the basics. There’s also endless paperwork, different compliance systems, and constant traceability requirements from growers to sellers. 

Good seed-to-sale software will have built-in elements to mitigate the difficulty of these processes. Advice and safeguards from cannabis consultants, microbiologists, or master growers can protect you from costly mishaps. Digitalisation can facilitate the completion and saving of files and documents. Premium hardware can make sure your facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

These are just some of the benefits your business could enjoy, so make sure you’re aware of the different aspects of seed-to-sale platforms. 

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