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Sherry has been active in the biotechnology industry since 2010. She is experienced in developing quality management systems and documentation for regulatory compliance under GMP guidelines. Her background in microbiology, cell biology, and aseptic processing provide a scientific context for cannabis production methods. Sherry has a passion for plant science, especially in the areas of tissue culture and bioactive compound extraction.

Why are licensed producers switching to GrowerIQ from other seed-to-sale software platforms?

In addition to the huge amount of time saved with integrations to Shopify Plus and Advanced Care, GrowerIQ’s cannabis seed-to-sale software also provide error-proof solutions for order fulfilment. GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software is more streamlined than Ample Organics, MJ Freeway or any other legacy ERP system. Error-proofing is built-in to the cannabis sales software because human error is one of the main sources of losses. GrowerIQ has built-in logic to reduce and prevent errors like entering wet weight instead of the dry weight of cannabis flower.

If errors like that are caught when selling cannabis to the government, you could face significant fines or violations that risk your Health Canada license. GrowerIQ’s seed-to-sale software is designed in such a way that prevents mix-ups at every stage of cultivation, packaging, testing, sales, and shipping. To save you from the guesswork, if there is any, check out our guide to help you understand the meaning of seed-to-sale: Seed-to-Sale Meaning.

Overview of the Recreational Canadian Cannabis Sales Process

In Canada, cannabis cultivators with a micro-cultivation license or standard cultivation license can only make cannabis sales business to business. In most cases, this means they sell their crops to someone with a cannabis processing license. A Health Canada Processing License is needed to create extracts or do other activities that modify the bulk cannabis flower. There are both standard and micro-processing license options (microprocessors have a limit of 600kg of flower per year).

So how do Canadian cannabis cultivators and processors bring their cannabis products to market? To do this they need a cannabis sales license. A sales license allows cannabis companies to sell their products to the government, which in turn sells them to retailers. There are some exceptions depending on the province. For example, in Saskatchewan businesses can sell directly to retailers.

How do Retailers, Cultivators, and the Canadian Government Work Together?

The Canadian government acts as a cannabis distributor. Growers create their own brand and network with retailers. When a retailer wants to purchase cannabis products from a cultivator, they request it through the government. The government sends a purchase order to the Health Canada Licensed Producer and determines the price they will pay.

Medical Marijuana Sales in Canada

A Sale for Medical Purposes license is needed for medical marijuana sales. This license has two versions: sales with possession, or without possession. If a Health Canada Licensed Producer wants to sell only via e-commerce cannabis sales software, Health Canada will have the licensed producer fulfill orders and register clients (they’ll need the “without possession” version of the license).

If a licensee wants to keep an inventory of medical cannabis, they will be the ones to register patients and ship orders. This will require the “sales with possession” version of the Health Canada license. Cannabis sales software is needed to help keep track of all of the inventory units and sales. If inventory is being kept and cannabis is being sold on location, point of sale software and retail tracking software capabilities are also needed.

Sales for Medical Purposes with Possession License

Pharmacy chains are one of the major entities that utilize the Sales for Medical Purposes with Possession license. In this scenario, the patient gets a prescription for a specific type of cannabis, the pharmacist helps them select products and advises on how to use it to get the right prescription dosage.

Sales for Medical Purposes without Possession

Outside of pharmacy chains, most medical marijuana sales are done via e-commerce. The Health Canada Licensed Producer will need a Sales for Medical Purposes without Possession license. In this system, all sales are done through e-commerce cannabis sales software. How does it work?

Under this system, a patient gets a prescription for a specific type of cannabis at a specific dosage. The customer chooses a licensed producer and sends them their medical documentation. The LP verifies the documentation and also verifies the prescribing doctor’s credentials. Once the customer is approved they are given access to the LP’s e-commerce cannabis sales software portal. The customer can only view and purchase cannabis based on the prescription amount and type of cannabis prescribed.

Seed-to-Sale Software Client Registration for Medical Cannabis

Licensed producers and processors use the Shopify Plus platform to sell cannabis. Point-of-sale software and retail tracking software doesn’t offer Health Canada Licensed Producers the capabilities they need without Shopify Plus. GrowerIQ’s seed-to-sale software is the first to integrate directly with Shopify Plus, making for a seamless experience for Licensed Producer clients. Point of sale software and retail tracking software is only needed for pharmacies and dispensaries.

GrowerIQ also integrates with Advanced Care, which is an online service that works with patients and doctors to verify medical documentation and physician credentials. This is a huge benefit because it means that the LPs client service and sales representatives spend significantly less time registering and verifying patients.

Outside of Advanced Care, secure fax and snail mail are the only two ways for patients to submit their documentation. Advanced Care allows a faster option where clinics can submit information directly and the LPs cannabis sales software can receive that information. Advanced Care email updates keep the client notified of the status of their application process, and their software pulls all of the patient’s information directly into a patient profile.

Overall, this capability of the GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software offers a lean and efficient process for registering, verifying, and selling to medical cannabis patients. Shopify Plus and Advanced Care both automatically sync and update with GrowerIQ so client records and online store inventory are always up to date.

Fulfilling Sales with GrowerIQ Seed-to-Sale Software

The cannabis sales process really starts with cannabis batch inventory and testing. For each batch, all required actions and inspections must be completed. Before a batch is released for sale, it must be entered into inventory. Next, samples need to be taken for testing and to retain in case a sample is needed in the future if a batch comes under question.

Batch Review and Release in GrowerIQ

Once the samples are taken, the laboratory test data needs to be entered for the batch to determine if it can be released. If a batch fails testing, in some situations it can be sold to a processor who can take remediation steps and convert it into oil.

If a batch passes laboratory testing it can be sent to Quality Assurance for final review. After that review is complete, Quality Assurance may release the batch so it can be packaged and sold with the cannabis sales software.

At each point in the batch review and release process, there are checks and verifications that must be entered into GrowerIQ to ensure the proper processes are followed in the right order.

At each point in the batch review and release process, there are checks and verifications that must be entered into GrowerIQ to ensure the proper processes are followed in the right order. For example, you won’t be able to proceed if you try to package or sell a batch of cannabis that has not been released by Quality Assurance or is missing test results.

Cannabis Product Packaging in GrowerIQ

Once a batch has been released by Quality Assurance, that inventory can be allocated to the appropriate warehouse locations. To package and prepare cannabis for sale, a SKU will be created for the batch. Next, LOT items will be created for the particular LOT of that SKU. The SKU will be a code for the type of item, and the LOT (or batch number) will be a code specific to that batch.

LOT items are used to trace the different types of packaging that the batch is made into. That is to say, LOT items trace and track each package of product and each item that goes into that package. For clarity, think of it this way: If your product is a joint that contains a blend of three types of cannabis flower, your system needs to track all three batches of flower that go into that final package. That final package needs to have just one identifying code however.

Each joint will have a slightly different weight as well, so there needs to be a unique identified for each joint that is packaged. To achieve this, GrowerIQ gives unique batch numbers, LOT numbers, SKUs, and LOT item numbers that can track and trace every individual cannabis product from seed to final packaged product.

Lastly, while some variance in weight is permissible, GrowerIQ will make sure that all of your numbers add up within that variance. Once enough packaged units are made to fulfill the work order from Health Canada or from the Shopify Plus sales portal, they will be available for sale in the “Warehouse” section of the GrowerIQ software.

How to Sell Cannabis with GrowerIQ Seed-to-Sale Software

When it comes to how to sell cannabis with GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software, we have covered the steps that need to be taken to prepare products for cannabis sales and the steps that are taken for customers to purchase. The steps of how to sell cannabis are going to be a bit different depending on whether you are selling to a medical patient, another Health Canada Licensed Producer or processor, or to the Canadian government.

To make cannabis sales to another LP you will use the GrowerIQ software to create a distributor account. Then you will verify their documentation and approve the account (for new accounts). The same basic steps will follow for creating accounts for retail stores, processors, testing labs, Health Canada, and medical marijuana patients. For anyone that you will sell cannabis to or ship cannabis to, an account with verified documentation is required. You can also create profiles for research organizations and suppliers that you purchase from.

Next, you can create an order and add LOT items to the order. When you create an order in GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software you will add taxes based on the postal code. GrowerIQ will apply the province-specific tax rate based on the code you enter. You can also apply discounts for seniors and veterans and update shipping charges on the order creation screen. Once the order is entered and approved you can move forward to fulfillment.

Shipping Cannabis Orders with GrowerIQ

Approved cannabis orders move on to the final stage of fulfillment where GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software is used to track products to their final destination. To do this, a new shipment is created in the software and the LOT items that are being sent are either entered by hand or scanned in. GrowerIQ integrates with barcode scanners that help make this a quick and easy process. The software also will not permit duplicates of the same item to be entered so every unique package is tracked.

In the GrowerIQ shipment screen, the LOT items will be marked as “packaged,” then you will mark that the order is paid, and send the order to shipping and receiving. GrowerIQ integrated with tracking software to ensure shipment updates are appropriately surfaced. If you use that integration, tracking numbers and delivery statuses will automatically update. Otherwise, you will need to manually enter that information. Once the order is received it is marked delivered and GrowerIQ retains all of the information that tracks that order back to the plants it came from.

Final Thoughts on GrowerIQ Sales and Client Tracking Features

GrowerIQ is built on an open API which makes it easy to integrate with Shopify Plus, Advanced Care, shipping companies, barcode scanners, cultivation sensors, and almost any other software you want to use for tasks like shipping. Integration is key because it reduces the need for data entry and re-entering data and by proxy reduces the opportunity for human errors.

GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software is a complete solution for cannabis sales and client registration and tracking. With medical sales being converted to recreational sales, it is very important for your cannabis business software to be able to pivot to your needs as well as consumer demands. GrowerIQ is one of the few software suites that can truly meet this need. Its frustration-free user-friendly interface provides you with complete tracking and control with all the error-prevention you need in a cultivation software.

GrowerIQ is always actively expanding and improving its software as well. There are unique integrations, and client-driven software improvements on the way. If you are feeling trapped and limited by your existing seed-to-sale software, don’t hesitate to reach out. GrowerIQ is happy to help you convert and upgrade from your current software or set up your seed-to-sale software for the first time.

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