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Seed-to-Sale Software for Hemp

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Sherry Ellen Slitts
Sherry has been active in the biotechnology industry since 2010. She is experienced in developing quality management systems and documentation for regulatory compliance under GMP guidelines. Her background in microbiology, cell biology, and aseptic processing provide a scientific context for cannabis production methods. Sherry has a passion for plant science, especially in the areas of tissue culture and bioactive compound extraction.

Did you know that Seed-to-Sale Software can benefit hemp growers?

Seed-to-sale software is critical when growing marijuana. However, growing hemp is a bit different than growing cannabis. The regulations are not as stringent unless you are growing hemp for the purpose of making CBD products or smokable hemp. While hemp for food and fiber in Canada is not regulated by the Cannabis Act, CBD and smokable hemp products must meet Cannabis Act standards and comply with its regulations. If you are planning on growing hemp for pharmaceutical use like CBD oil or smokable hemp flower, you may want to consider the benefits of seed-to-sale software.

Growing Hemp in Canada vs the US

Hemp regulation doesn’t get too complicated if it’s for food or fiber. However, when it comes to growing hemp for CBD, Canadians must comply with the Cannabis Act. On the other side of the border, US hemp growers face a patchwork of fifty different regulations in each state.

Most CBD producers in the US do not follow FDA regulations, but some are starting to voluntarily adopt FDA cGMP compliance. These regulations govern everything from dietary supplements to pharmaceuticals. It is expected that the FDA will eventually enforce these regulations on the US CBD industry but for now, the added cost of that compliance can make it harder to compete in the US CBD market.

When it comes to seed-to-sale software for hemp, it is easy to forget that this software has benefits outside of regulatory compliance. Even if you are not required to meet certain standards, you can benefit from using GrowerIQ Seed-to-Sale software because GrowerIQ is also cultivation software and an ERP! A farm is a unique type of business and traditional ERPs aren’t designed to handle cultivation. That’s why GrowerIQ is a great solution to the challenges of growing your agricultural business and your crops.

Seed-to-Sale Software for Hemp: Cultivation

GrowerIQ Seed-to-Sale software has made a splash in the cannabis industry with its unique ability to provide continuous crop monitoring, crop metrics, and seed-to-sale tracking of plants. In addition to not having to track plants and batches on paper, GrowerIQ cultivation software can ensure daily work is being performed and can use sensors and alerts to help you monitor your crops when you are off-site.

The cultivation side of GrowerIQ software offers a dynamic user interface, batch tracking, and metrics from crop data that are combined with master grower insights. This revolutionary software was designed hand-in-hand with International Master Grower Shlomo Booklin. Shlomo helped ensure that the software offers users actionable information that can help them improve plant quality and increase yields.

GrowerIQ cultivation software is also useful for hemp cultivators because of its batch planning features. These features help you plan your batches so they are on a regular schedule. You can set schedules for irrigation and plant care and make sure you are ready to plant new crops after harvest. For year-round growers that use greenhouses or grow rooms, this also means you are maximizing the total number of crops you can grow in a year. With predictable schedules, the amount of labor needed can be measured to make sure you are not short-handed at peak times.

Whether you are growing hemp in Texas or Toronto, cultivation software can help you monitor crops, track batches, schedule crops, increase crop quality, and increase yields! Using seed-to-sale software for hemp can help you grow more, grow better, and grow smarter.

Seed-to-Sale Software for Hemp: Quality Assurance

Seed-to-Sale software for hemp also helps you to conform to regulatory requirements regardless of your location. If you are growing hemp for CBD you need to track batches, assign batch numbers, and keep track of hemp testing data. This is a basic requirement for Canadian hemp and US hemp, especially for hemp that is used to produce CBD.

The quality assurance features of the GrowerIQ software enable you to do all of this digitally which prevents errors and lost information that occurs when tracking crop data on paper. You can scan all of your documents into the document repository for reliable record retention. If you need to print out copies, they will be on-hand and you won’t have to sort through a filing cabinet to find the document.

You can also use seed-to-sale software for hemp to ensure that plant care is being performed as scheduled. You can set up scheduled tasks for each batch which employees will sign off on after completing. GrowerIQ will provide each user with a unique ID so you can trace activities back to the person who performed them. This means that you have complete traceability for all plants and all activities that occur. When problems arise, this level of tracking makes it much easier to pinpoint and diagnose, allowing you to take meaningful corrective actions and protect the quality of your hemp crop.

Seed-to-Sale Software for Hemp: Business Management

One more reason to use GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software for hemp is that it is also an ERP. The ERP features of GrowerIQ allow you to manage your hemp farm like a modern business. You can track inventory and sales, analyze financial information and make financial projections, and keep track of employee and customer data.

Canadian hemp farmers that intend to produce CBD or smokable hemp flower will need to keep the same records and abide by the same rules as cannabis growers. Since Health Canada CBD regulations are the same as their cannabis regulations, it makes sense to use the same technology that cannabis growers are using.

Final Thoughts on Seed-to-Sale Software for Hemp

With GrowerIQ seed-to-sale software for hemp, all of the reporting, record-keeping, and testing data can be stored in the same software used to track and monitor batched plants. You’ll be able to stay organized, improve crop success, and most importantly you can be assured that you are complying with regulatory requirements. US hemp growers will be able to run a lean hemp business with analyses and metrics to help you stay competitive. You’ll also be more prepared for when regulations do begin to tighten.

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