Health Canada Final regulations: Edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, cannabis topicals

Health Canada Regulations Update: Edible cannabis, extracts, topicals

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How will you incorporate edibles and topicals into your business?

Expect More of the Same

Canadian regulatory authorities have adopted a very conservative approach towards cannabis products to date. With the recent release of the framework surrounding additional finished products, we're seeing more of the same. "Cannabis 2.0" includes a framework around edibles, topicals, and cannabis extracts for a licensed cannabis producer. The Health Canada licensing process is designed so that cannabis products are of high quality, that they are safe, and to prevent them from falling into the hands of youth or criminals.

Controversially, the existing food regulatory and inspection regime in this country won't have much of a say when it comes to controlling edibles and infused products. The Public Health Agency will be responsible for oversight. It is clear that the government has taken the stance that edibles are considered a drug rather than another category of consumable goods.

“A full rollout amongst a nice wide array of producers and a wide array of these new product types is going to take time, literally years, because we have such a licensing backlog.” Trina Fraser, Cannabis Lawyer, partner at Brazeau Seller Law in Ottawa

Edibles, Topicals, and Extracts Category Overview

Health Canada Final regulations: Edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, cannabis topicals.

Branding plays will face difficult headwinds considering the government's decision to continue with plain packaging guidelines. This also includes the provision to stamp edibles with the existing standardized cannabis symbol and health warning messages. How will you stand out in a crowded market when all the packaging looks the same?

When can you expect to get your hands on new products? Don't expect to see them earlier than December. The regulations includes a provision where producers must notify the government 60 days in advance of the introduction of a new product.

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