GrowerIQ - Canadian Cannabis Supply Woes About To Get Much Worse

Canadian Cannabis Supply Woes About To Get Much Worse

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Zaki Amer
Zaki is a Customer Success Manager for GrowerIQ. He has experience working with firms across varied industries, from health care to engineering, and brings that unique perspective to the ever-changing cannabis industry. Zaki is the main point of contact and troubleshooter-in-chief for our customers.

New product categories are on the way. What's your plan?

Consumers Should Expect Delays

Canadian consumers have become used to supply shortages in their local legal dispensary and growers are failing despite having solid cannabis SOPs. Thanks to a producer licensing backlog and supply chain problems associated with creating a new market from scratch, products have been difficult to keep in stock. Retail outlets in Quebec have been forced to cut hours, and the Alberta licensing authority temporarily halted the issuing of new retail licenses. It is important that growers use this time to optimize their cannabis business plan, ideally with the assistance of a cannabis consultant.

Industry executives and cannabis consulting experts do not expect the situation to change anytime soon.

While Health Canada works through the process of drafting guidelines for additional finished products - for example edibles, topicals, and infused beverages - producers see problems on the horizon. These categories of products are brand new, without any previous medical production history.

"At least that time we knew what the permissible product types were going to be and were already making them in the medical context."Trina Fraser, cannabis lawyer, partner at Brazeau Seller Law in Ottawa

Beyond the licensing process backlog, the industry must also contend with supply constraints from company stockpiling in preparation for new processing options, and regular delays in testing from overburdened labs. Read more in the report from the Financial Post.

Licensing Support

Whether you are looking to determine how regulatory or industry changes will impact your plans, find solutions to streamline your operation, or are just starting to draft a business model, GrowerIQ is here for you with software and consulting services to help you build and improve your business.

“A full rollout amongst a nice wide array of producers and a wide array of these new product types is going to take time, literally years, because we have such a licensing backlog.” Trina Fraser, cannabis lawyer, partner at Brazeau Seller Law in Ottawa

We make the process simple. Start now by getting in touch. For more information, and actionable tips from our Master Grower on how to improve your yields and processes, please visit our GrowerIQ's cannabis consulting services page.

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