The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, plans to craft its cannabis legalisation after Germany’s recent announcement of its plan. The two countries expect to work together in sharing information and best practices to regulate the Czech Republic’s legal cannabis industry. 

How to get a cannabis license in the Czech Republic

Cannabis has been decriminalised for some time now in Czechia and recent talks of legalising the plant has industry business people and enthusiasts buzzing.

As of 2022, only one EU country has legalised recreational cannabis. No, it is not the Netherlands – but Malta. And with earnest efforts from one anti-drug coordinator, the Czech Republic is looking to ease its cannabis tolerance. Explore this deep dive into becoming a licensed cannabis producer in the Czech Republic and some exciting developments.

Currents steps to getting a cannabis license in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, plans to craft its cannabis legalisation after Germany’s recent announcement of its plan. The two countries expect to work together in sharing information and best practices to regulate the Czech Republic’s legal cannabis industry. 

Mr. Vobořil, the national anti-drug coordinator of Czechia, expects to release the finished plan with implementation dates by the end of 2022. Thereafter, the drafted bill is set for presentation in March 2023 – and could be in place as soon as 2024.

Cannabis use allowance and laws

While the Czech Republic is considered one of the most liberal countries on cannabis legislation, this reputation is newly-acquired. It was only in 2010 that Czechia decriminalized cannabis possession and cultivation for personal use.

And in 2013, it legalized medical cannabis for the treatment of certain ailments. Levels got capped at 19% (for THC) and 7.5% (for CBD). Home cultivation for personal use is currently allowed, though THC levels get capped at 1%.

For now, recreational cannabis use in Czechia is still illegal. Yet, Czechia is on its way to becoming the second EU country to legalise cannabis for recreational use, after Malta did so in December 2021.

Licenses in the Czech Republic

Medicinal cannabis requirements include:

  1. Obtaining a license to plant cannabis plants for growing cannabis for medical use.

The State Institute for Drug Control issues this license for five years (the maximum period). It can then can be prolonged (this request must get submitted by the license holder six months before its expiration). 

  1. Permission to dispose of addictive substances and products related to medical cannabis.

This permission issued by the Ministry of Health is valid for a maximum period of five years. It can also be prolonged (again, the prolongation request must get submitted six weeks before expiration).

Cannabis for medical use cultivated in the Czech Republic may only be sold to an individual with permission issued by the Ministry of Health. Transferring other rights related to addictive substances may only occur between two parties with permission.

  1. Permits for importing cannabis for medical use

An individual import permit for every single import from the Ministry of Health is required. This permit is valid for a maximum of three months. 

Patients can have access to cannabis for medical use (limited to up to 180g in a total of dry cannabis per person per month), upon:

  • Having an electronic prescription from healthcare professionals. 
  • Able to prove they are 18 years of age or older. (This is only available for those with certain symptoms, e.g. chronic inconsolable pain or nausea in connection with treating HIV). 

For those interested in cannabis issued for ambulant care, public health insurance does provide coverage. About 90% of the price of cannabis for the end consumer gets covered, within the maximum volume of 30g of medical cannabis per person per month. Or, up to 180g per month (if the patient’s health condition requires it).

Cannabis for recreational use is still illegal in the Czech Republic but plans to craft its cannabis legalisation are underway – Image courtesy of

Industrial cannabis requirements

As for industrial, technical and garden purposes, cannabis that contains a maximum of 1% of THC is permitted, including sales. However, the customs authority must be notified when growing industrial cannabis on more than 100 m2 of land.

Food substances

There is zero tolerance for THC in food supplements in the Czech Republic.

Before CBD can be on the market, authorisation under Regulation Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 of the European Parliament and Council of 25 November 2015 is required. This is because CBD is considered a “novel food”. 

According to the Czech State Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority: 

  • Products from hemp leaves or seeds which naturally contain CBD are not considered “novel food” and authorisation is not required.
  • Synthetic cannabinoids are considered “novel food” and require authorisation before going on the market.

CBD smokes need to be distinguished between e-cigarettes (and liquid fills/cartridges) and herbal cigarettes (smokes).

Under current law, no THC can be present. But, as for the use of CBD:

  • e-Cigarettes are not permitted at all 
  • Herbal cigarettes are permitted

It is prohibited to manufacture any CBD products made from either the flowering or fruiting tops of the cannabis plant for oral use, regardless of the THC content in the original cannabis plant. 


Czechia’s only cosmetics law requires that they cannot contain any THC. CBD cosmetics that are THC-free are legally permitted. Currently, there are ongoing discussions on this topic, as this law does not align with the WHO and European Commission’s recommendations.

Legal licenses and licensing

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