GrowerIQ’s CEO writes for Rolling Stone: Cannabis GMP Standards & The Global Market

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Charné Swart
Charné is the Creative Director at Something Social Marketing, a full-service digital branding & marketing agency. Focused on providing authentic and innovative marketing solutions to accelerate brands in various industries. With a passion for the cannabis industry, Something Social is well versed in the curating of good quality and valuable content.

Recently, Andrew Wilson, our founder and CEO, joined the Rolling Stone Culture Council and wrote his first article about GMP Standards and the Global Cannabis Market.

The Rolling Stone Culture Council

Rolling Stone Culture Council is an invitation-only network of industry professionals who are invited to share their expertise and insights with the magazine’s readership. Here, Andrew’s first piece as a member of the Council was published. The article offers insight into GMP Standards and why the global cannabis market should care.

The article touches on why the future of cannabis production Is ‘GMP-Certified’, the financial impacts of GMP on the global cannabis market, why EU GMP standards are one of the highest recognised, as well as planning for GMP from the start of operations.

Read Andrew’s Rolling Stone: Cannabis GMP article to learn more about the challenges of manufacturing and exporting cannabis-derived products to Europe.

“With thousands of legal cannabis companies operating worldwide, business owners are looking for ways to increase revenue while standing out from the crowd. What might be hard for those business owners to hear is that the key could lie in adding more compliance responsibilities to an already heavily regulated process.”

Andrew Wilson – Rolling Stone Cannabis GMP Article

There are many companies and countries that are eager to capitalize on the growing demand for marijuana, but there also needs to be a system in place for ensuring quality products. GMP standards will help establish that system so we can all enjoy safe, high-quality cannabis around the world!

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