How to Become a Master Grower

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Master Grower Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Hiring the wrong Master Grower could have major negative impacts on a cannabis business and may even cause business failure.

There are more and more cannabis jobs becoming available for Master Growers. Unfortunately, there are many candidates that are well experienced but still lack the qualifications needed to fill Master Grower jobs. 

The Master Grower is a critical position in cannabis business plans and must be given crucial consideration. Hiring the wrong Master Grower could have major negative impacts on a cannabis business and may even cause business failure.

How do you know if you are really qualified to be a Master Grower in the cannabis industry? And how do you know if a candidate will be the right Master Grower for your cannabis business? What is the Highest Yielding Indoor Strain for Cannabis? Your Master Grower should know that.

We will give you all of our 'Master Grower Tips' and tell you everything you need to know about becoming a Master Grower, and how to hire the best Master Grower if you are setting up a commercial grow room.

What is a Master Grower Job?

Master Growers oversee cannabis production. These positions are fantastic opportunities for horticultural experts to join a thriving business in a booming industry.

Master growers must have a great depth and breadth of knowledge about the cannabis plant and experience in plant production. They need to be able to understand the different needs of cannabis strain, be able to identify and respond to issues that arise during cultivation, and be able to take charge in your grow's cannabis strain selection.

Master growers also need to be able to manage budgets, develop cultivation systems, and keep production on a planned schedule.

Some other duties that Master Growers need to be capable of include:

  • Overseeing cultivation facilities and equipment
  • Managing employees and training staff
  • Ensuring daily activities are properly documented
  • Maintaining and managing environmental factors such as lighting, pH, nutrients, and temperature
  • Application of cultivation methods that maximize yield
  • Diagnosing and treating pest, pathogen, and nutrient issues
  • Directing maintenance operations
  • Ensure cannabis is cultivated in accordance with laws and regulations

The ultimate goal of a Master Grower will be to ensure customers are supplied with high-quality legal marijuana products.

Chosing the right Master Grower to set up commercial grow rooms is critical.

Commercial Grow Room Set Up by Cannabis Training University [CC BY-SA (]

Major Responsibilities of a Master Grower

  • Overseeing cannabis crops from planting to harvesting
  • Ensuring facilities are clean and pest-free
  • Managing all aspects of cultivation, including budget and employees

Qualifications of a Master Grower

When looking at resumes of Master Growers, there are many things to look for.  A Master Grower needs to have management experience and proven experience as a large scale grower.

When interviewing Master Growers for commercial cannabis grows, they should be able to communicate familiarity with environmental protection practices and the marijuana legal framework. Along with that, they should have deep knowledge of the entire cannabis growth cycle and cultivation requirements.

A good Master Grower will also be excited about expanding their knowledge and be willing to continue learning and keep current on trends.

Problem-solving aptitude is another important trait for a Master Grower to posses. Cannabis crops can experience a wide array of problems like pests and diseases. Master Growers must understand how to identify, manage, and treat these issues using Integrated Pest Management solutions.

Finally, most Master Growers will hold a degree in Botany, Biology, Agriculture, Horticulture, or another relevant field. A Master's Degree is ideal, but actual experience in cultivation may compensate for an advanced degree.

Don't be fooled by online Master Grower certifications!
Don't be fooled by online Master Grower certifications! They are no substitute for education and experience.

Online Master Grower Certification

Online classes and "certifications" are capitalizing on the many who are eager to become a Master Grower. Don't be fooled by online Master Grower certifications! They are no substitute for education and experience.

Many hobby cultivators have a wonderful understanding and talent for growing cannabis. Without the actual experience of running a greenhouse or commercial grow room they lack experience with the scale of a cannabis cultivation business.

Micro grow licensed facilities may be a good place for hobby growers to start gaining the experience needed to be a Master Grower. A standard cultivation licensed facility is not something that an online course can prepare a person for.

It takes years of experience and formal education to become a Master Grower. No online Master Grower certification can capture or replace this. Most importantly, online Master Grower certifications are not accredited. This means that online Master Grower certifications are arbitrary. Employers will not be impressed by them.

Find out more about what it takes to become a Master Grower by reading GrowerIQ's interview with Master Grower Shlomo Booklin.

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