Cannabis Business Plan

Will your business flourish in an ever-evolving market?

Deloitte's recent Cannabis Report projects the Canadian recreational market size to be worth up to $4.3 billion. This is many times the size of the current market. Regardless of the analysis you favour, all reports agree on one thing: significant market growth. Are you primed to take advantage of this growth? GrowerIQ's cannabis business plan services were designed to help simplify the complex!

Health Canada wants you to be successful. The government will benefit from a healthy and vibrant ecosystem of producers under the legal framework. As such, they want to make sure those applications they approve have a solid chance of becoming a healthy licensed producer. Part of this evaluation involves examining your business plan and Cannabis SOPs (cannabis standard operating procedures), so don't hesitate to seek help for SOP creation. Health Canada wants to see a thoughtful and detailed action plan that assures them that you know what you're talking about.

GrowerIQ's consultants incorporate the latest report information into your cannabis business plan.
Deloitte 2018 Cannabis Report.

Recreational Cannabis Market Size in Canada

GrowerIQ incorporates the latest research into your cannabis business plan scenarios.

Cannabis Business Plan

Your cannabis business plan is your blueprint to success. Our goal for every plan we create is to both accurately capture the client's vision, and portray that in a broader industry context. GrowerIQ's consultants will walk you through strategy and branding exercises to encourage thoughtful discussion around your business' value proposition and differentiating factors.

GrowerIQ's Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin, has worked as Head Grower for some of Canada's leading cannabis cultivation operations, such as Tilray and MedReleaf. Having managed the production of over 100 million plants, he has refined his growing techniques and trained others in the industry on how to produce safe for consumer, high-quality, cost-effective products. Unlike some other consulting firms, GrowerIQ brings you deep industry experience. Shlomo's 30+ years of commercial growing experience means that our cannabis business planning services will include realistic estimates about what actually works in a cultivation facility.

Financial modeling is another crucial component of your business plan. How will you reassure investors and partners that the venture will generate an outsized return on investment? The GrowerIQ cannabis consulting team incorporates smart local assumptions based on your area of operation, to proven cultivation metrics based on our Master Grower's experience.

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Let's discuss your project in order to determine which of the license classes best supports you, what your differentiation strategy should be, and how to model your expenses. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and money pursuing a class of license, only to find that it doesn't meet your long-term needs. Find out more on our consulting services by clicking the link below, or starting a chat to the right.

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