GrowerIQ Cann Grow Rich Partnership

Cann Grow Rich

GrowerIQ is pleased to announce a partnership with Cann Grow Rich, a Canadian company specializing in turn-key, micro cultivation licenses under the Cannabis Act. 

About Cann Grow Rich

Cann Grow Rich (CGR) was founded to establish a network of licensed cannabis operators across Canada. All CGR licensees benefit from proven best practices, economies of scale, and collective selling power. Started by Rick Dallan and Dave Salenbien in 2020, the company aims to facilitate entry into the cannabis market for entrepreneurs and community members alike. With the pair’s extensive business and cultivation acumen, Cann Grow Rich provides the complete package for cannabis growers and would-be licensees to optimise every element of their operations.

How it works

CGR operates under a licensing model. Licensing is a type of franchising where the entrepreneur maintains full control of the business while benefiting from the collective resources and partnerships of the larger organization. The Licensee owns the premises, the equipment, and controls the cultivation license provided by Health Canada. With Cann Grow Rich’s licensing formula, businesses get the benefits of CGR’s first-class turn-key operation (TKO). This helps them gain access to the wholesale cannabis market, in which CGR’s premier equipment enables them to stay efficient and competitive.

The Specifics

The turn-key operation emphasizes premium genetics and a low cost of production. This is achieved through a hybrid indoor/outdoor cultivation strategy. The micro cultivation license includes a custom-built commercial building (up to 800 sq. ft), housing both an indoor cultivation space for genetic development, along with post-harvest processing spaces in full compliance with Health Canada and the Cannabis Regulations. In addition to this building, a perimeter fence is erected containing an outdoor cultivation area to maximize production.

Among the many benefits of working with Cann Grow Rich:

  • All planning, construction, equipment, and licensing provided for the licensee 
  • Low operating costs, leveraging outdoor production
  • Professional and experienced management team with proven success 
  • Securing contracts with wholesalers as one entity, leveraging collective selling power
  • Genetic sourcing, standard operating procedures, and record keeping software included

Our Partnership

Cann Grow Rich and GrowerIQ’s partnership is pivotal in providing cannabis businesses with top-of-the-line hardware and software. Thanks to licensing agreements with CGR and its TKO, Growers can now also benefit from GrowerIQ’s extensive operations and expertise in cannabis software, consulting, and facility design. As the two companies are designed by growers for growers, this partnership brings added ease and efficiency to the development of a top-quality product.

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The Cannabis Market is on its way to becoming a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada alone. Let’s discuss your project and see how our partnerships can benefit your business. Get in touch with our cannabis experts and find out more by clicking the button below.

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GrowerIQ leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms to improve facility automation and provide producers with insights to improve quality and consistency. GrowerIQ is changing the way producers use software – transforming a regulatory requirement into a robust platform to learn, analyze, and improve performance.

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