GrowerIQ Cannabis Consulting: Inspection Preparation

GrowerIQ Cannabis Consulting: Inspection Preparation and Mock Inspection Checklist

Three to six months after being granted a cannabis license and becoming a licensed cannabis producer, businesses can expect the regulating authorities to conduct an inspection. Inspections may be performed on-site, or virtually. In some cases, the Health Canada licensing process may also request a pre-license inspection, which can be a daunting experience. It is natural to feel like one is being put on the spot when that happens, which can lead to an entrepreneur presenting their core business in a less-than-ideal way. GrowerIQ consulting can help change that.

GrowerIQ mock inspections and inspection preparation can help cannabis business owners feel confident and prepared for inspections. Consulting services from GrowerIQ will help you navigate the inspection process and avoid any mishaps. Licensed Producers (LPs) wishing to sell products to consumers via retail distribution will need to apply to add Sales as an Authorized Activity to their Cannabis Standard Processing License. GrowerIQ can help you through this crucial step that leads many LPs to feel nervousness and urgency.

Cannabis Inspection Consulting Services

  • Mock regulating authority inspection checklist (15 pages, 260-point)
  • Advisory support in preparation for the inspector
  • Recordkeeping and inventory reconciliation support

Adding Sales Activities to Your Cannabis License Application

Adding sales activities to your cannabis license is a big step for an LP, and also one that will prompt inspection. The change to the application needs to be submitted via CTLS. When adding Sales as an Authorized Activity, Health Canada regulators will require you to submit a signed form along with additional documentation such as cannabis test results, proof that results have been reviewed and deemed acceptable, and evidence that the cannabis products are properly packaged and labelled for sale. When you work with a GrowerIQ cannabis consultant, we will ensure that all of this documentation is in order and help you be prepared to explain your processes and records at the time of inspection.

What to Expect from a Health Canada Inspection?

The purpose of inspections is to verify regulatory compliance. Inspections can also help you to prevent non-compliance. Inspection preparation and mock inspection checklists from GrowerIQ consultants can help this process go smoothly and will help you avoid unexpected observations that could delay your license approval.

Health Canada inspectors are authorized to enter any place or premises where regulated activities or products are present [2]. This means they can inspect businesses like cannabis manufacturers, growers, and distributors. They can also, within reason, enter personal residences and vehicles if warranted. On-site inspections are not required to be scheduled and regulators are authorized to show up unannounced. Inspectors must be granted access to all applicable areas of the site being inspected.

Who Participates in Cannabis Business Inspections?

Any person at the cannabis business site is legally required to provide inspectors with reasonable assistance and information [2]. That means all employees on the site may be questioned during an inspection. It is good practice to prepare all employees for the possibility of interacting with an inspection – once again, professional consulting can help here. They should be friendly, but not volunteer excessive information beyond what is asked. It is illegal to knowingly make false statements or mislead regulatory officials during an inspection. It is also illegal to obstruct inspectors in carrying out the inspection.

What Does An Inspection Include?

Here are the main things you can expect inspectors to perform at your site [2]:

  • Opening/examining any container, package, article, product, material, substance, or device
  • Examining and/or copying any books, documents, reports, test data, shipping bills, bills of lading, labels, advertising and promotional material, or other records
  • Examining electronic data, including viewing, printing, copying, or exporting data from any computer system
  • Taking samples of articles, products, materials, or substances for further analysis
  • Taking measurements or photographs and make recordings or sketches
  • Requesting identification verification of persons on the premises
  • Asking questions to anyone in the place being inspected
  • Inspectors may seize and detain items if there is reasonable belief of non-compliance

GrowerIQ Cannabis License Inspection Preparation

When you work with the cannabis consulting team at GrowerIQ you get a unique opportunity to “preview” the inspection process. The last thing you want is for regulators to discover something unexpected. Our inspection preparation services aim to streamline your inspection process and make these discoveries before the regulator does. This allows you to fix problems and prepare staff prior to inspection day.

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