Licensed Producers Planting Their Roots in Canadian Market

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Aneesa Guerra-Khan
Aneesa is a writer and contributor to various publications, stemming from her diverse experiences working in sports, cannabis, social media analytics, and animal welfare. Her years of communications, social media marketing, and PR experience has been fuelled by her passion for writing and community development.

Becoming a Licensed Producer

Health Canada has streamlined an otherwise lengthy process to become Licensed Producers (or LP) of medicinal cannabis in Canada. This sudden rush to approve more applications has inspired hundreds to try their hand at growing, packaging, and selling cannabis products.

Since this program began in 2013, there were only 44 approved LPs in Canada, however over the past 6 months that number has almost doubled. With legalization right around the corner, recreational and medicinal users demands will quickly exceed what 44 LPs could produce countrywide.

According to Health Canada, a total of 1,665 Licensed Producer applications have been received. Some applications were refused, withdrawn, or incomplete, yet a whopping 428 are currently in progress – and these numbers show no signs of stopping.

With Canada hoping to legalize marijuana by July 2018, Deloitte reported that legalizing recreational marijuana could result in a $22.6 billion industry in Canada. Shorter approval processes means Canada has a chance at surpassing (not just meeting) national demands.

Current Licensed Producers recall their process taking years from application to approval. However with  recreational legalization happening (fingers crossed) in the next few months, Health Canada is allocating more resources to thoroughly examine applications and get more LPs started without years of anticipation.

After Approval

In compliance with Health Canada requirements, GrowerIQ is a tracking platform for Licensed Producers who need to legally document their growing process from seed to sale. If you’re an LP in Canada and are looking to produce medicinal cannabis, let’s get in touch and we’ll get you growing!