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Which genetics are right for your Licensed Producer?

Cannabis strain selection is a crucial decision that sets up your Licensed Producer business for success. How should you balance strain popularity, with maximum yield? Should you experiment with rarer strains in order to differentiate yourself in the market? There is no single right answer, but GrowerIQ can help. If you're a quick-mover and want to make a quicker decision, check out this post: What is the Highest Yielding Indoor Strain for Cannabis?.

GrowerIQ's Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin, has worked as Head Grower for some of Canada's leading cannabis cultivation operations, such as Tilray and MedReleaf. Having managed the production of over 100 million plants, he has refined his growing techniques and trained others in the industry on how to produce safe for consumer, high-quality, cost-effective products. Unlike some other consulting firms, GrowerIQ brings you deep industry experience. Shlomo's 30+ years of commercial growing experience means that our cannabis strain selection and sourcing advice is based on hands-on industry knowledge.

The genetics of the plants you choose will determine their ultimate yield and medicinal content. An experienced grower will be able to provide the conditions such that the plant will be able to develop to its genetic potential. You will never be able to push yield or cannabinoid content beyond the limits of the plant's genetics, but improper cultivation techniques can certainly cause a plant to not live up to its potential. Cannabis cultivation lighting is one topic that we suggest our readers to look into. It's a great starting point for optimizing your cultivation technique.

What are cannabis terpenes?

Cannabis buds are covered in glandular trichomes that produce resins the contain cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and terpenes. A plant’s terpenes are part of what give it its unique characteristics like smell and taste. CBD and THC aren’t the only "active ingredients" in cannabis. There are over 100 terpenoid compounds in cannabis, many with bioactive properties that contribute to the overall effects of cannabis through the "entourage effect". Terpenes can influence the medicinal qualities of cannabis and work in synergy with cannabinoids to improve their therapeutic effects. Terpenes are thought to contribute to the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and sedative effects of cannabis. Terpene-only supplements have been receiving a lot of attention since they also have medicinal properties of their own and can act on the endocannabinoid system without the help of THC or CBD.

GrowerIQ's cannabis standard operating procedures incorporate best practices from our Master Grower's 30 years of cultivation experience.
Terpene and cannabinoid molecular structures.

Which cannabis strain should you grow?

Planning for unique terpene profiles in your plants is one way to differentiate your Licensed Producer in the market. Given that we're dealing with living plants and living soil, optimizing your cultivation techniques to favour specific terpene expression can be a daunting task. GrowerIQ can help by providing access and insight into your data. We automate lab result processes and tie that your cultivation and batch history records. Now you'll know exactly what went into that perfect batch of White Widow - and how to repeat it.

Let's discuss your project in order to customize your recommended set of cannabis genetics that best supports your needs. Find out more on our Seed for Success program overview.

Let's discuss your project in order to customize your recommended set of cannabis genetics that best supports your needs. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and money pursuing a class of license, only to find that your plans don't match up with market realities. Find out more on our consulting services by clicking the link below, or starting a chat to the right.

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