Master Grower Case Study: Modernizing the Growing Experience

There are many faults that need to be fixed in legacy seed-to-sale systems. The major problem is lack of focus on the cultivator. As a Master Grower, compliance is only one challenge. To stay on top of the market and be good at what I do, the software cannot be a simple tracking tool, it must be an integrated platform that supports me in growing quality plants.Shlomo Booklin, Master Grower

In over thirty years as a Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin has worked around the globe, and with some of the most famous names in cannabis. He’s spent time as a grower in Israel, Portugal, Australia, and Canada. A few minutes with him is all it takes to know that he’s seen it all.

Built-in Experience

GrowerIQ's cannabis cultivation software uniquely allows you to customize the system
to your own methods. From facility layouts that match your rooms, custom user roles, to batch planning activities, setting up the system in a way that makes sense for you is easy. Shlomo says, “Every grower has their own methodology and what they're used to. I often joke that in my 30 years experience I’ve made every mistake possible, but I’ve learned from those mistakes and learned to avoid them. I’ve shared my experience with the GrowerIQ team, which they used to design intuitive processes that incorporate my methodology into the platform. It definitely makes the program more foolproof for newer Licensed Producers.”

Integrated Facility

GrowerIQ is the first cannabis cultivation management platform to integrate all your facility’s systems, including environmental sensors, equipment controllers, ERPs and even sales platforms like Shopify. Our thesis is that you cannot claim to emphasize quality in your production when your tracking system does not even show you the conditions in which your plants were grown. Using legacy seed-to-sale platforms, Shlomo struggled with trying to connect environmental data to batch records. Its importance can’t be understated. Shlomo says, “Growing at a large scale, you need attention to detail. You must be aware of different climates and conditions at every stage and in each room, and you must have the necessary information to act proactively and to make decisions confidently.”

Dedicated Support

White glove support is built into our DNA. Our parent company’s team of technologists have supported clients across various industries on continuous contracts for decades. GrowerIQ carries on this tradition with responsive service level targets and your own dedicated Customer Success Manager. Shlomo agrees on the importance of this support: “Being a Master Grower for large scale facilities, I have witnessed first-hand the problems in existing seed-to-sale systems. These problems are made worse when legacy platforms do not have proper support. Everybody’s heard support horror stories of companies that take weeks just to acknowledge urgent tickets, while normal operations remain blocked. Whenever I communicated challenges to the GrowerIQ team, they jumped to fix them.”

GrowerIQ’s intuitive processes were designed with the Master Grower in mind. By incorporating Shlomo’s cultivation best practices directly into the system’s flows, our users may now both capture compliance data, and produce high quality cannabis. Each client that uses GrowerIQ now benefits from experienced cultivation insights built into the system. The results speak for themselves - we’re now working with Shlomo on successful projects all around the world.

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