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Cannabis Pilot Program In Switzerland & Its Implication For Farmers

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Learn how Cannabis Pilot Program in Switzerland is revolutionizing the cultivation of cannabis.

Switzerland is at the forefront of the cannabis conversation in Europe. With the Cultivation of industrial hemp, the country is embarking on an innovative approach through its Cannabis Pilot Program. If you’re eager to learn more about the Information on adult-use cannabis pilot programs in Switzerland, you’ve come to the right place!

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Cannabis Pilot Program In Switzerland: Overview

Cannabis plant - Cannabis Pilot Program in Switzerland

The Cannabis Pilot Programs in Switzerland were introduced to test the impact of new regulatory approaches on cannabis handling in the country for a limited period of ten years. Growing, importing, producing, and selling cannabis is prohibited in Switzerland, although consumption is widespread, and the black market is thriving, creating safety concerns for users. To address this issue, the Swiss Parliament amended the Narcotics Act to allow for scientific pilot trials with cannabis.

Legal Framework Established

The revised Federal Act on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, which came into effect on 15 May 2021, created a legal basis for conducting these pilot trials. The new legislation allows pilot trials to be carried out on non-medical cannabis use in adults to establish a scientific foundation for potential decisions on cannabis regulation. The pilot programs will focus on providing participants with access to various cannabis-based products of regulated quality and information on the risks of cannabis consumption.

Prioritizing Safety and Quality

Participants in the pilot trials will be educated about the risks of cannabis use by trained staff at points of sale. The quality of products will be strictly controlled, ruling out resorting to the black market. The entire supply chain will be monitored and regulated, from seed to product distribution, to ensure safety and quality. 

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How Many Cannabis Pilot Programs Currently Exist In Switzerland?

Cannabis plant growing - Cannabis Pilot Program in Switzerland

The Swiss government has approved a total of seven pilot programs to explore the benefits and challenges of regulated cannabis markets. These pilot projects aim to study the impact of legalizing adult-use cannabis in various regions across Switzerland. 

7th Pilot Program: Cannabis Research Zurich – Canton of Zurich

A pilot trial in Zurich, Switzerland is investigating the social and economic effects of legal cannabis by allowing participants to purchase regulated cannabis from designated shops and pharmacies. At the same time, a control group continues buying from the black market. This is the largest pilot program, with 7,500 participants and high initial interest.

6th Pilot Program: Cann-L – Pilot trial with a sale on a non-profit basis in Lausanne

Project Cann-L is intended to assess the feasibility and the potential impact of a model for regulating the consumption of cannabis through its sale on a non-profit basis in the city of Lausanne. Cann-L was, initially scheduled to begin in July, launched non-profit sales of adult-use cannabis at a dedicated store at rue du Maupas 7 on December 11, 2023. The store will offer a range of products to the 250 participants who have already registered in the pilot project, including three-gram bags of flower with potencies varying from 5% THC to 15%, costing between nine and 12 Swiss Francs per gram (roughly £8-£10)

5th Pilot Program: Grashaus Projects BL

Grashaus Project opened its first dedicated cannabis store on December 07. The first legal cannabis specialist shop in Europe opened in Allschwil in the northwestern Swiss canton of Basel-Landschaft, enabling the hundreds of patients who have already registered for the pilot to purchase a raft of products, from flowers to hashish, extracts, vape liquids, and edibles.

4th Pilot Program: La Cannabinothèque – Regulated access to cannabis in the canton of Geneva

The trial is intended to study to what extent a program offering regulated access to cannabis may improve knowledge of the substance and its associated issues and concerns and may help reduce the health and social risks that drug consumption usually entails.

3rd Pilot Program: SCRIPT – Research on the sale of cannabis in pharmacies

The main aim of this pilot trial in Berne, Bienne, and Lucerne is to evaluate what impact a regulated not-for-profit sale of cannabis in pharmacies combined with related advisory services may have on cannabis consumption. The three-year study, set to include 1091 participants from Berne, will aim to assess the health and social effects of selling cannabis in ‘strictly regulated non-profit’ pharmacies.

2nd Pilot Program: WeedCare – Study on the regulated sale of cannabis in pharmacies in Canton Basel-Stadt

This study on the regulated sale of cannabis in pharmacies in Canton Basel-Stadt examines the public health effects of permitting regulated cannabis sales. Preliminary findings from Weed Care come as the inaugural study opens to all 374 participants. According to the local health department, no adverse effects have been reported since the study began in 2023, at which time 13kg of cannabis products were sold.

1st Pilot Program: ZüriCan – Study on the regulated sale of cannabis in the city of Zurich

This study will investigate the extent to which regulated sale, supplemented by advice, can enhance knowledge and behavior regarding the lower-risk forms of cannabis and whether this can be implemented. ZüriCan officially launched in August 2023. 

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Publication Of First Data On Pilot Trials Released

Data analytics - Cannabis Pilot Program in Switzerland

The recent launch of Switzerland’s 7th pilot program follows the publication of the first data collected through the Züri Can pilot initiated in March 2023. So, what exactly do these numbers tell us about the state of the cannabis pilot program in Switzerland?

Participant Demographics

A total of 1,928 individuals are participating in the cannabis program out of a maximum of 2,100, making them eligible to purchase cannabis products. Interestingly, there’s a notable gender disparity in participation, with 80.5% being men and only 19.5% being women. The study further reveals that the average age of participants is 35, with the age group of 28 to 32 being the most frequently represented.

Product Variety and Consumption Habits

The participants in the program initially had access to five different cannabis products featuring various THC/CBD contents and genotypes. As of December 2023, the product range has expanded to nine, including five flower and four hash options. According to the data, most participants consume cannabis at least four times a week, with about a quarter of them already showing signs of cannabis use disorder before they began accessing regulated products.

Promoting Lower-Risk Consumption

One of the standout findings from the research is that regulated cannabis distribution can play a crucial role in fostering lower-risk cannabis consumption behaviors. The sales staff at the reference points are specially trained to provide advice and preventive measures, enabling them to offer individualized guidance as needed.

What Does This Mean For Cannabis Entrepreneurs/Farmers?

Farmer working hard - Cannabis Pilot Program in Switzerland

Increased Demand

The data stemming from Switzerland’s cannabis pilot programs reveal a robust demand for cannabis, indicating significant market potential. For cannabis farmers, this is a promising development, suggesting lucrative opportunities may lie ahead with potential legalization expansion.

Regulatory Preparedness

While recreational cultivation remains restricted outside the pilot programs, these initiatives serve as a stepping stone for farmers to adapt to regulatory requirements and quality standards. By participating in the pilot programs, farmers can better prepare for the potential full-scale legalization of cannabis farming.

Market Insight

Participation in the pilot programs offers valuable insights into consumer preferences and market trends. These insights are pivotal in helping farmers optimize their cultivation practices and product offerings to align with consumer demands efficiently.

Economic Opportunities

The success of the cannabis pilot programs hints at future economic opportunities for Swiss farmers. If full-scale legalization is eventually implemented, this could open up new revenue streams for farmers, diversifying their agricultural portfolio and driving growth in the industry.

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Quality Management 

Quality management is another critical aspect of the cultivation of industrial hemp. GrowerIQ provides tools for growers to monitor the quality of their crops, identify any issues that may arise, and take appropriate action to maintain the highest standards. In the Swiss Cannabis Pilot Program, the quality of the product is of the utmost importance, as it reflects on the program’s success and reputation. GrowerIQ enables growers to produce top-quality industrial hemp consistently, ensuring they meet all necessary requirements and exceed expectations.

Cultivation Planning

GrowerIQ software is crucial for cannabis growers in the Swiss Pilot Program. It helps plan cultivation throughout the season, maximizing efficiency, compliance, and yield. This ensures program success by streamlining operations and reducing waste.

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