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Cannabis Labels Canada: What Should Be On Your Legal Product Label?

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Stay compliant with cannabis labeling regulations by including all information on your product labels. Learn more about cannabis labels Canada.

Cannabis labels Canada is an essential aspect of cannabis products, ensuring transparency, compliance, and consumer safety. The information on these labels influences consumer trust, purchase decisions, and product quality. Hence, it is crucial to understand the regulations and requirements surrounding Canadian cannabis labeling. Discover how Cannabis labels Canada can enhance your cannabis experience.

Overview Of Cannabis Labeling Regulations In Canada

Packaging and Labelling - Cannabis Labels Canada

The Cannabis Act (the Act), which came into force on October 17, 2018, puts in place a new, strictly regulated framework for controlling the sale, possession, production, and distribution of cannabis. Canada has implemented very strict regulations when it comes to packaging. The government, more specifically Health Canada, requires that the packaging of cannabis products be clear-cut, neutral, and accurate. Labels must be printed in both English and French and certain elements and information must be visible on the packaging.

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General Packaging And Labelling Requirements

Packaging and Labelling - Cannabis Labels Canada

The Regulations prescribe what, where and how information must appear on the label of all cannabis products. This includes strict requirements on the presentation of information such as type style and size, colours, and spacing. All information on the label must be in English and French, except for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names and European Union (EU) trivial names. 

The label also needs to be clear, prominently displayed, and legible under normal conditions of purchase and use. A label should be either printed on or securely applied to a package, such as a sticker, so it does not fall off or be easily removed during transportation or normal use of the product. The typeface must be in sans serif, without italics, regular weight, and no bigger than the health warning. Only one image is allowed on the label, and it must be no bigger than the health warning.

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Cannabis Labels Canada: What Should Be On Your Legal Product Label?

What should be on legal product - Cannabis Labels Canada

Standardized Cannabis Symbol: Compliant Labeling for THC Content Above 10 µg/g

The front of cannabis products that contain more than 10 micrograms of THC per gram must bear the standardized cannabis symbol. This symbol is a clear indicator for customers that the product contains a higher concentration of THC. The symbol is small, informative, and serves as a visual warning for consumers. Compliance with this requirement ensures that all legal cannabis products are easily identifiable by buyers.

Product Brand Name and Brand Element: Establishing Identity and Brand Recognition

Health Canada requires that all cannabis labels include the product’s brand name. This is essential for building brand recognition and customer loyalty. A small brand element, such as a logo, can also be featured on the label. This not only strengthens the product’s identity but also helps establish a sense of trust and credibility in the market.

Excise Stamp: Certifying Legitimacy and Compliance

The inclusion of an excise stamp on cannabis products is mandatory, indicating that the product originates from a Health Canada license holder. The excise stamp is a crucial element that ensures the product is legally produced and distributed. While not all cannabis products require an excise stamp, such as certain low-THC items or prescription cannabis products, the stamp plays a vital role in certifying product legitimacy.

THC and CBD Amount: Transparency on Cannabinoid Content

Transparency in the cannabinoid content of cannabis products is crucial. The label must display the quantities of THC and CBD in the product as purchased and once activated by heat. This dual representation ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the product’s potency and effects. Differentiating between activated and non-activated THC and CBD content provides valuable information to consumers.

Health Warning Message: Promoting Consumer Safety and Awareness

A health warning message is a mandatory requirement for all cannabis products. This message is prominently displayed in a yellow box on the front of the product label, alerting consumers to the potential risks associated with cannabis consumption. This warning not only promotes consumer safety but also enhances public awareness of the potential health effects of cannabis products.

List of Ingredients: Transparency on Product Composition

For cannabis products such as extracts, topicals, and edible cannabis, a comprehensive list of ingredients is required on the label. Ingredients must be listed in descending order of weight, enabling consumers to make informed decisions based on their dietary preferences or restrictions. This transparency fosters trust between the manufacturer and the consumer, promoting product integrity.

Nutrition Facts Table: Essential Information for Edible Cannabis

Edible cannabis products must include a nutrition facts table on the label. This table offers valuable information on the product’s nutritional content, allowing consumers to make informed choices based on their dietary needs. The inclusion of a nutrition facts table ensures that consumers have access to essential details about the product’s nutritional profile.

Other Required Information: Ensuring Clarity and Compliance

The label of cannabis products must contain additional essential information to comply with regulations. This information includes the class of cannabis product, net weight, number of units, dried cannabis equivalent, recommended storage conditions, warning statements, lot number, packaging date, contact information, and intended use. These details provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of the product, promoting transparency and compliance within the cannabis industry.

Optional Information: Going Above and Beyond Compliance

While not required by Health Canada, manufacturers can include additional information on the label to enhance customer experience. This optional information may include usage instructions, additional warnings or precautions, expiry dates, and cannabis strain names. By providing this extra information, companies can differentiate themselves in the market and cater to diverse consumer preferences and needs.

Prohibitions On Cannabis Labels Canada

The Cannabis Act and Regulations impose prohibitions on packaging and labeling cannabis products. It is prohibited to sell cannabis or cannabis accessories in packaging or with labels that don’t meet regulatory requirements or appeal to young individuals. Labels must not contain testimonials, endorsements, depictions of people or animals, or associations with certain lifestyles.

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