HighIQ Series: How to Stand Out on Crowded Dispensary Shelves

HighIQ Webinar Series: How to Stand out on Crowded Dispensary Shelves

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GrowerIQ is the operational backbone ERP that unites the fragmented systems required by cannabis production facilities around the world. The company now powers facilities in more than a dozen countries, and four languages - enabling true seed-to-sale traceability.

GrowerIQ & Highdeal Solutions join forces to advise on all things about product packaging

On October 27th we will hear from our very own Vegar Samuelson about many topics revolving around Cannabis SOPs, along with two amazing guests, Nick Sanders and Jeremy Nemanishen, from Highdeal Solutions.

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We will be chatting with the Highdeal team about how to make your packaging unique and eye-catching, without killing your brand. 

We will also be discussing how to utilize the GrowerIQ system to break down lots, record packaging, and move it all into the sales step! 


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