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Mastering the Compliant Grow

Guide to commercial cannabis cultivation.

Are you wondering how to become a cannabis grower under the new legalization framework? Are you looking to join the industry, and want to get a head start on your training? Questions about the best cultivation procedures to use in your licensed grow facility? We have answers!

Mastering the Compliant Grow is a collaboration between the experts at GrowerIQ and Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin. This cannabis cultivation guide provides everything you need to upgrade your skills from hobbyist to professional grower.

Over more than 100 pages you will learn everything from batch numbering strategies for compliance in a licensed facility, clonal propagation, and nutrient management, all the way through to spider mite pest management, powdery mildew infection, and crop harvest.

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The first guide dedicated to professional cannabis cultivators working in a licensed facility!

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GrowerIQ's cannabis consulting services gets you access to a world class team, including Master Grower Shlomo Booklin.

On drying cannabis buds

"You don't want the buds to dry too fast, you don't want them to dry too slow. It's a very fine line, research, trial and error, and having a knowledgeable grower can give you a guideline so you don't have to go through the process and learn from your mistakes."

- Shlomo Booklin, Master Grower

Becoming a commercial grower

What's included in your cannabis cultivation guide?

    • 100+ pages full of high quality imagery, and Master Grower best practices

    • Rooting your cannabis clones for success

    • How high should your cannabis plants grow before trimming?

    • Screen of Green: what's all the fuss about?

    • Why flushing is a crucial ingredient to providing top quality product

    • What's the ideal time to harvest cannabis plants?

    • Cannabis trichome colour: what to look for?

    • The three main reasons that harvested buds need to be trimmed

    • How should you dry cannabis buds?

    • What are the benefits of curing cannabis?

    • Integrated Pest Management: knowing the signs to identifying common pest and pathogens you'll encounter

    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample pages
    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample pages

    Did you know?

    Plant Science: Light & Plant Sight

    Plants can differentiate light based on its electromagnetic wavelengths. Light that is not visible to humans, like ultraviolet (UV), is visible to plants. This ability also lets plants sense the time of day because the wavelengths of light, which correspond to colours, change from sunrise to sunset. Plants can also sense brightness and intensity of light, light exposure length, and even location of light sources. While plants lack a nervous system to translate light into pictures like humans, they are very much able to "see" in a way that is as complex as human sight.


    Sample chapter

    Cleaning & Disease Prevention in a Cannabis Production Facility

    Production standards between hobby growers and licensed commercial production facilities are very different. Professional cannabis cultivation requires familiarity with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.

    This chapter details:

    • Production Standards for Medical Marijuana
    • What are Health Hazards?
    • Dress Codes and Protective Equipment
    • Cleaning and Sanitation in Medical Cannabis Production
    • Cleaning and Sanitation Programs
    • Validation and Testing

    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample chapter
    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample chapter
    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample chapter
    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample chapter
    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample chapter
    • GrowerIQ cannabis cultivation sample chapter
    GrowerIQ's cannabis consulting services gets you access to a world class team, including Master Grower Shlomo Booklin.

    On life cycle timing

    "When the plant grows to about 15-18 cm from the edge of the pot till the top of the canopy, then I know that it's tall enough for the vegetative stage. You can in theory grow the vegetative stage to 2 metres high but then you'd have to use a ladder to get to the top!"

    - Shlomo Booklin, Master Grower

    About the Authors

    Master Grower

    Shlomo Booklin

    GrowerIQ's cannabis consulting services gets you access to a world class team, including Master Grower Shlomo Booklin.

    Shlomo is a recognized cannabis expert, having worked on numerous large-scale projects – both domestic and abroad – including some of the biggest names in Canadian cannabis. Shlomo has been approved as a Responsible Person in Charge, with security clearance from Health Canada. As a consultant, Shlomo has written successful license applications for emerging licensed producers around the world. You can usually find him on a plane, traveling between projects in Canada, Colombia, Macedonia, and Zimbabwe.

    Microbiology Advisor

    Sherry Ellen Slitts

    GrowerIQ's cannabis consulting services gets you access to a world class team, including our microbiology advisor, Sherry Ellen Slitts.

    Sherry has been active in the biotechnology industry since 2010. She is experienced in developing quality management systems and documentation for regulatory compliance under GMP guidelines. Her background in microbiology, cell biology, and aseptic processing provide a scientific context for cannabis production methods. Sherry has a passion for plant science, especially in the areas of tissue culture and bioactive compound extraction.

    Industry Experience

    About GrowerIQ

    GrowerIQ brings together systems, data, and insights to help you grow. We are an integrated business management & Cannabis Act-compliant seed-to-sale platform designed for the Canadian cannabis industry. Our platform integrates all your facility systems, including environmental sensors & controls, into a single interface, resulting in a simplified user experience, and a high degree of automation. We leverage proprietary machine learning technology, along with 30+ years of Master Grower expertise, to provide licensed producers with the business insights they need to optimize yield and improve the quality and consistency of their product.

    Finally, through our exclusive partnership with Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin, GrowerIQ provides expert cannabis consulting, helping new and emerging Licensed Producers define and implement a competitive market and cultivation strategy.

    How can the GrowerIQ platform bring together the fragmented pieces of your business?

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