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What's included in your cannabis consulting service?

  • Support and materials for crafting the best application to become a licensed producer

  • A competitive grow strategy, designed by a Master Grower, for your unique facility

  • Proprietary grow guide of more than 100 pages filled with Shlomo’s proven best practices

  • UNLIMITED support from GrowerIQ with single dedicated point-of-contact

  • UNLIMITED consulting time and strategy revisions

  • Set of templated GMP & GACP-compliant Production & QA SOPs for submission

  • Sourcing of additional SOPs as necessary

  • 50+ page technology compliance guide to simplify your application

  • Recommended vendors & partners that ensure interoperability

Regulatory compliance is paramount. Grow Smarter details how GrowerIQ keeps you in compliance with Canadian law.

Understanding the plant science principles behind successful cultivation is important to prevent problems before they appear. Mastering the Compliant Grow is your professional cultivation handbook.

A consistent grow is important when creating product that meets patient expectations. Grow Consistently details the Standard Operating Procedures built into the GrowerIQ platform.

Industry Experience

About GrowerIQ

GrowerIQ brings together systems, data, and insights to help you grow. We are an integrated business management & Cannabis Act-compliant seed-to-sale platform designed for the Canadian cannabis industry. Our platform integrates all your facility systems, including environmental sensors & controls, into a single interface.

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Our state of the art facility design creates a custom, data-driven operation, just for you.

Error-free Measurement

Integrated scales

Remaining in compliance means guaranteeing accurate system information. Relying on weight value transcription is a sure-fire way to introduce human error into your processes. GrowerIQ's seed-to-sale software includes networked scales that automatically pluck the value shown on your scale, and save it into the system. 

All activities are logged with users and timestamps for a complete audit trail.

Validated SOPs

Standardize Your Grow

Working with the GrowerIQ subject matter experts gives you access to proven best practices for your operation. Our Master Grower and consulting team will sit with you to design an operation that best meets your goals.

We work with you to determine the best Standard Operating Procedures, and then our technical writers will draft them for you. You do what you do best, and focus on your business.

GrowerIQ's cannabis consulting includes creating validated Standard Operating Procedures for your unique project.

No more discrepancies! Mandated compliance weighing activities are automatically logged. Our networked scales ensure you're never stuck chasing down transcription errors.

Efficient Facility Design

Maximize flow

You want your operation running at peak capacity, which is not possible without an efficiently planned layout. Our team of experts work with you and our Master Grower to ensure your facility makes sense, is compliant to relevant standards, and ready for final architectural rendering.

GrowerIQ's industry experts can consult with you to design an appropriate floor plan for your facility to maximize productivity.

Real-time Environment Monitoring

Integrate with your facility

Other software forces you to rely on 3rd party systems that don't integrate at all with your cultivation activities. GrowerIQ's seed-to-sale software automatically shows you facility environment readings right where you work. Alerts can be customized based on the ideal setpoints for your operations. Unsure of what's optimal? Our Master Grower consultations will give you peace of mind.

GrowerIQ's seed to sale software instantly understands problem areas. GrowerIQ automatically sends out alerts when environmental readings fall outside approved bounds.

Instantly understand problem areas. GrowerIQ automatically sends out alerts when environmental readings fall outside approved bounds.

Seamless Printing

Speed up your processes

Maximize operational efficiency by printing labels with one click right from your mobile device. Compliant labeling can be complicated. In a highly regulated industry, how do you ensure the right tradeoff between compliance and product differentiation? GrowerIQ's seed to sale solution allows you to build your own custom templates, highlighting brand name or characteristics that you worked so hard to build. 

GrowerIQ's seed to sale software includes networked printers that sit next to work areas, allowing for one-click printing and maximum efficiency.

Networked printers sit next to work areas, allowing for one-click printing and maximum efficiency.


Here's a sample of what our expert cannabis consultants can help you with: 

✔ Support for indoor and outdoor cultivation facilities

✔ A competitive grow strategy, designed by a Master Grower, for your unique facility

✔ Proprietary grow guide of more than 100 pages filled with Master Grower proven best practices 

✔ Support, consulting time, and strategy revisions from GrowerIQ with single dedicated point-of-contact

✔ Set of templated GMP & GACP-compliant Production & QA SOPs for submission 

  Partners offer top-tier mechanical components for an optimised facility 

  Fully integrated facility and plant data ensures compliance and traceability

"Daniel and his team have far exceeded our expectations in assisting our family farm to create a professional business plan. He has gone above and beyond to answer additional questions and provide insight beyond the scope of the business plan. We will continue to utilize GrowerIQ and look forward to furthering our relationship."

Jolan D.
Founder, Latitude 56

"In this way, I can warmly state for myself, also on behalf of our company, thank you for your unique, creative, and constructive advisory services. We are also very grateful for your patience in solving our previous challenges. We look forward to our future successful cooperation!"

Matt F.
Managing Director, Germanabis

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Master Grower Expertise

GrowerIQ's industry consulting practice includes facility design, cultivation planning, cultivar selection, environmental conditions, Standard Operating Procedures, and more. Benefit from the experience of a Master Grower.

License Application Support

Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel. Let our consultants and subject matter experts draft your application, using our proven approach. Freeing you up to focus on your unique business.

100% Compliant

Designed to comply with Health Canada's regulatory framework - one of the most stringent in the world. We provide a detailed guide, with corresponding screenshots and examples, on how GrowerIQ's seed-to-sale software keeps you both GACP & EU GMP compliant.