We recently sat down with Jorge, the host of Grassroots Marketing on the Cannabis Radio podcast, to talk about the cannabis industry.

GrowerIQ on Grassroots Marketing’s Cannabis Radio Podcast

Andrew, GrowerIQ’s founder and CEO, recently sat down with Jorge, the host of Grassroots Marketing on the Cannabis Radio podcast, to talk about the leveraging and security of the cannabis software data, as well as the state of legal cannabis in Canada.

About Cannabis Radio, Grassroots Marketing & Jorge

Cannabis Radio is a podcasting network for the cannabis and psychedelic communities. The company has been producing and publishing original content since 2014, making it one of largest such networks in the world.

Grassroots Marketing is a part of Cannabis Radio that delivers exclusive business strategies directly to listeners through roundtable discussions with top industry experts. In each 30-minute episode, the series explores the ongoing legalization and covers various topics related to cannabis. Thought leaders from across industries come together to share their best practices and protocols.

Jorge is the host of Grassroots Marketing on Cannabis Radio, a digital new media content creator with over 25 years of experience who specializes in digital marketing. Jorge has worked for major broadcasting entities including iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel Media and Entertainment), Hearst Corporation, the Cox Newspapers—and many others.

On the Podcast

We discussed the benefits of leveraging technology to protect user-supplied data, choosing an appropriate algorithm based on machine learning and selecting an infrastructure that best fits each grower’s needs. The power of machine learning is that it can be used to create a model that predicts the future based on past data, resulting in more efficient production and higher yields.

In this episode, we discuss how the successful model of legalizing cannabis in Canada can benefit both small producers and large corporations in the US and EU. Canada’s legalization model has proven to be both effective and popular and the country has seen a rapid decrease in cannabis-related crimes, an increase in tax revenue, and a significant boost to the economy.

We also talk about how after four years of legal cannabis in Canada, the provinces should be reviewing their policies to ensure they are meeting the needs of consumers and producers alike.

Take a listen below:

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GrowerIQ is a complete cannabis production management platform. Ours is the first platform to integrate your facility systems, including sensors, building controls, QMS, and ERP, into a single simplified interface.

GrowerIQ leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms to improve facility automation and provide producers with insights to improve quality and consistency. GrowerIQ is changing the way producers use software - transforming a regulatory requirement into a robust platform to learn, analyze, and improve performance.

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