How 309 Labs Relied on the Experts at GrowerIQ

309Lab: Tightening the Nuts and Bolts

GrowerIQ is the type of product and company that should have its place in our industry.

Quebec-based micro-cultivator 309Lab was on the hunt for an all-encompassing product to commence its operations when they came across GrowerIQ. “I researched seed-to-sale platforms extensively, looking for a replacement for the software we started with. GrowerIQ made the shortlist immediately, ” says their Director of Operations.

Enticed by our Canadian roots, but also by our versatility in adapting to markets across the world, the people at 309Labs wanted a partner that could ensure a steady level of growth from the get-go. As a nascent company, they also wanted to make sure they’d avoid costly regulatory mishaps, so compliance was one of their priorities. “The emphasis on compliance, in fact, was one of the other main draws. I understood that compliance was at the core of its design, just from the marketing materials and the initial demo, but would come to really appreciate this during the training phase of our integration.” As a platform started by growers for growers, we understand how daunting compliance regulations may seem. As 309Labs put it, it’s “a challenge”. That’s why GrowerIQ ensures both GMP and GPP compliance, guaranteeing compliance within any legal framework.

Once we started working with the 309Labs team, they were pleased to notice that our services extended much further than just in guaranteeing compliance, which we strive to make as seamless a process as possible. “The main thing that won me over was the fact that GrowerIQ was easily the most complete package for our needs. It ticked all the boxes that I was looking for in a ‘seed-to-sale’ software solution, but really it offers more than that.” We then began engaging the micro-cultivator with the other benefits of GrowerIQ: user flexibility regarding traceability, our Quality Management Software, and the continuous input of Master Grower insights.

As they continue developing and integrating all aspects of our software, the people at 309Labs are still discovering the benefits of using GrowerIQ. They cite inventory reporting and document management as being other important benefits for them, which are both time and cost-saving. All throughout, they remain thankful for the continuously supported compliance aspect: “We are quality-focused and data-driven. GrowerIQ offers us the tools to move along that path, with the compliance baked right in.”

The resulting optimization from integrating the GrowerIQ software dramatically simplifies the growing process. With our unique Master Grower insights, growers gain the tools to perfect their operating procedures. For micro-cultivators such as 309Labs, this makes a real difference in the way they carry out business. Once they were on a steady footing, their growers could confidently enhance their methods without sacrificing consistency. “The training process actually illuminated and clarified several aspects of compliance and, frankly, determined our methodology for us.” The result of using our software is a simplified and flexible growing operation that still provides a high (if not higher) quality product, with clarified and highly organised SOPs.

“I’ve really appreciated the support from all team members we’ve engaged with… I’m beyond satisfied with our work together to-date and I am very optimistic about what we will develop together in the future. GrowerIQ is the type of product and company that should have its place in our industry.”